Subscribe: Interview Questions 2 1. There is a Tape library with 10 drives Can we able to create 2 Storage units? There are Client machines , machines are transfering datas in good speed but one client machine is taking too long to transfer a datas Tell me about the error 84 and how u will troubleshoot?

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This custom script requires approximately 20 minutes to execute. Which two configuration options must be modified to allow this operation in a veritas netbackup environment? The Incremental schedule is using the tapes out of the Full volume pool, not the DailyVolume pool. What can be done to have the Incremental schedule use the PoolA volume pool? Here are the sequence of steps needed to implement VxVM snapshot : The testing was a success and they would like to copy their changes back to the OSSV primary.

How can this be done? This is not a possible scenario 17 A customer wants to use SnapVault to backup snapshots from a traditional volume. Which one of the following will impact SnapVault performance? Frequency of SnapVault transfers 18 Customer wants to do a nightly backup that is locked down for compliance purposes. Which product will you use?

How can they achieve this with minimal WAN traffic? SnapVault the Database files every hour and SnapMirror the logs every 5 minutes 21 How can you make a SnapVault destination volume read-write?

Yes 23 A customer has a volume with 5 qtrees and assorted directories and files not in the qtrees. How 24 can the customer backup that data not in the qtrees?

Use SnapVault command line 25 A customer has a volume on a filer that contains 10 qtrees. All but one of the qtrees have similar change rates and size. The volume is scheduled to transfer every morning at 1 AM. The 9 qtrees with similar characteristics all transfer within 15 minutes and the tenth qtree takes two hours to complete. When will the SnapVault transfer be completed for those qtrees?

Which system can support this as a destination with the Near store personality? Nothing, the system is auto-tuning. Data Fabric Manager 31 What is required to ensure that a DataFort configuration is ready for disaster recovery? The cluster continually aborts and reforms. The DataFort techdump takes a very long time to complete. It determines whether or not each tape has a unique key 39 Which factors should be considered when assessing the performance impact a DataFort will have on an existing environment?

High 45 Which step is automatically performed when using host virtualization? Granting Cryptainer access to virtualized hosts 46 Which filtering options does the network capture capability on the DataFort allow? Zeroization of DataFort with destruction of its System Card, Deletion of all manually saved configdb files 49 Which settings do you use to enable the tape error recovery extension to the FC protocol?

DataFort logging can be configured to be sent to a remote syslog server. Upgrading from SAN 1. The DataFort stops encrypting and decrypting data. Global default pool deployment 59 Which Solaris-specific file is used for target discovery for tape devices? Both storage and host ports connected to the same switch The storage port connected to an edge switch and the host port connected to a core switch 61 In FC-Series 2.

Differential Incremental Backup.


Netbackup Interview Question Answer

How do you configure a client for automatic backups? How is a changed file determined on Unix? When would I, or would I not, use cross mount points? What is the difference between a Volume Group and a Volume Pool? How do you back up the catalog?


300 REAL TIME NETBACKUP Interview Questions and Answers

Difference between 5. How do you configure a client for automatic backups? What happens when I mix them on Windows client Unix client? How is a changed file determined on Unix?

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