The series first premiered on February 25, and is based on the Gujarati novel of the same name by Govardhanram Tripathi. Gautam Rode plays the lead role of Saraswatichandra. Saraswatichandra Vyas lives in Dubai and is not interested in getting married, but Kumud Sundari Desai has been chosen to be his wife by his father Lakshminandan Vyas. After falling in love with each other, right before they were about to get married, Saras finds out the truth about the death of his mother and gets furious. Kumud, who was mad about the humiliating situation, gets married to Pramad Dhan Dharmadhikari because her father asked her to, without knowing about him.

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It is a widely read piece of Gujarati literature. The supernovel was written over a period of 15 years, with the first volume being published in and the fourth one in The focus of the Saraswatichandra is a Gujarati novel by Govardhanram Madhavaram Tripathi set in set in 19th-century feudalism in India, an author of early twentieth century from Gujarat, India.

The focus of the novel is on two Gujarati Brahmin families. The family of Lakshminandan is settled in Bombay, and is very wealthy. Saraswatichandra, the brilliant scholar-to-be, is born to Lakshminandan and Chandralakshmi. The other family is that of Vidyachatur, the highly knowledgeable prime minister of the court of King Maniraj of kingdom of Ratnanagari. To him and his wife, Gunasundari, the lady of tremendous qualities, are born two daughters, Kumudsundari the elder and Kusumsundari.

The step-mother, Guman, is a scheming woman and she treats her step-son with suspicion and dislike. His best friend, Chandrakant, tries his best to prevent his friend from carrying out this terrible vow. But Saraswatichandra is not amenable to argument, and he leaves, thus not only renouncing home and wealth, but also leaving young Kumud in the lurch.

He proceeds by sea to Suvarnapur. By the time he reaches there, Kumud has already been married off to Pramad-dhan, the wayward son of Buddhidhan, the man who is slated to become prime minister of Suvarnapur. And thus, we come to the third family. His own Rajput friend, Bhoopsinh, becomes king and Buddhidhan, his prime minister. Inevitably, he comes into contact a few times with Kumud, the daughter-in-law of the house.

Love for each other ignites again, and a lowly companion of the daughter of the house takes advantage of this and incites Pramad-dhan against his wife. Meanwhile, Kumud is also on her way in a palanquin and accompanied by guards, to see her mother in Manoharpuri. An attack on Kumud is also planned by the bandits. Everybody assumes her dead. Saraswatichandra, meanwhile, is rescued by a group of ascetics and taken to their ashram on the nearby mountains of Sundargiri.

Here, Saraswatichandra impresses the head monk, Vishnudas, by his breadth of knowledge and eventually makes him name him as his successor to the post of head monk. Kumud also survives and her unconscious body is caught by a lady ascetic, Chandraavali. The ashram ascetics realize the facts of the past life of these two, and try their best to reunite them.

In this attempt, they take them both to an isolated cave on the peak of Chiranjeevshrung. Here, spending four days and nights together, they undergo a mystical experience and they realise their goal of life. However, there is no consensus on the marriage of Kumud to Saraswatichandra.

The story ends with Saraswatichandra marrying Kusum. This is the plot of the novel described in the briefest possible manner, without conveying even an iota of the emotions, the tension, the idealism of some characters and the pragmatism of others, the sheer vicissitudes of life in these three families after Saraswatichandra renounced home.


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You can help by adding to it. December The novel take place in two fictional towns, Suvarnapur and Ratnanagari. Saraswatichandra, the protagonist of the novel, is a well educated, young lawyer deeply interested in literature, quite emotional and idealistic. He has been engaged to marry Kumudsundari daughter of Vidyachatur - a Divan of Ratnanagari , a charming and proficient lady. But for certain reasons, Saraswatichandra renounce his home.


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Story[ edit ] Saraswatichandra tells the story of a young aristocrat, Saraswatichandra, whose marriage has been fixed with Kumud Nutan , an educated girl from a rich family. Saraswati decides to cancel the engagement and writes to Kumud to inform her. However, she replies and the two continue exchanging letters. A short-lived romance ensues.

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