Barr said, "[so] my mother called in a rabbi to pray for me, but nothing happened. Then my mother got a Mormon preacher, he prayed, and I was miraculously cured". The success of her act led to her own series on ABC , called Roseanne. Roseanne sitcom, film, books, and talk show: — Main article: Roseanne In , The Cosby Show executive producers Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner wanted to bring a "no-perks family comedy" to television. They hired Cosby writer Matt Williams to write a script about factory workers and signed Barr to play Roseanne Conner.

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Shelves: non-fiction , biography , feminism , audio-book "Roseannearchy is my attempt to weave my own revolutionary code into the mind of the reader. I was in the middle of reading this book when Roseanne came out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, dressed New Left guerilla-chic, proposing that everyone in a higher income bracket face the guillotine or put in a reeducation camp.

This is when I fell in love! I "Roseannearchy is my attempt to weave my own revolutionary code into the mind of the reader. I watched it as a child, but never got the full weight of how profoundly working class and feminist it was.

Roseanne is a longtime radical, having cut her standup teeth while also working at a radical feminist collective bookstore called Woman to Woman. It was the story of Woman to Woman, where Roseanne became deeply embedded in a bulwark of feminist struggle for justice that I thought was most intriguing about the book.

The manufactured scarcity of social program resources caused local services to become overwhelmed and then shut down. Fractious infighting blossomed as people fought for the scraps left over and the people who relied on social services could no longer support revolutionary projects with as much fervor. Roseanne seems to have consistently landed on the side of justice, favoring an interracial and revolutionary socialist feminism.

Others spun off into priveleged new age paganism, single-issue identity neocolonialism e. But Roseanne kept it as real as she could in a failing collective as the waves of counterrevolution spread from top to bottom.

Sometimes Roseanne is stupid: though she engages with the white supremacy inherited from the culture at large, and comes around to admitting it, she takes a couple of transphobic pot shot jokes with no such self-criticism. But she is definitely real, and in these pages, she seems like a comrade who is familiar with struggle. The book is a little over 10 hours long. There is certainly a lot more in there, especially about Judaism "All of the holidays were about who killed our people, when and where, and what kind of food goes with each of those massacres.

Silencing old loudmouth pushy women is the first thing a smart despot tries to do. Lucky for us, Roseanne is coming back into public life, writing, appearing on TV, even perhaps running for president??? At the height of her popularity, Roseanne used her pulpit of a primetime show to do amazing things, showing the only honest working class family on television, for one.

Talk about a good, relevant read. Oprah has never done one show on economics or capitalism, and that pisses me off. Are we supposed to ignore the elephant in the room? That yes, we need more socialism and less banksterism here in America?







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