Plot summary[ edit ] The novel begins at the end of the story. The prologue leads you to know how Guinevere came to write the story of her and Arthur , and the Knights. Lancelot tells her that he had a vision of Merlin telling him to go to her and ask her to write down the story of her life, and the life of Arthur. Guinevere is to be a "white shadow" or gwenhwyfar.

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Shelves: adult , historical-fiction , historical-romance , general-fantasy-and-mythology , hybrid-multiple-genre , made-me-emotional , fairytale-or-classic-retelling , alternate-history-or-future , frustrating , casters-or-witches Magical vag strikes again. Spin the wheel of fortune, and hope you pick the right man. I probably would have taken Fion right off the bat and would have never gotten a chance to meet the others because I thought he was pretty awesome. The very first guy who takes an interest is a hot, nice, witty guy with an accent, who is also a king?

Story over. Magical vag strikes again. Spoilers ahead. Yes, I mean it. I notice that I tend to want to post spoilers when something is bothering me and I need to write it down for my own sanity, hah.

WTF was up with that foreshadowing prologue? The way it tied in with the end Gwen had a few moments which made me scratch my head. The reasoning of hers that it was okay to kiss Lancelot on the lips as long as Arthur was around hurt my brain. I wanted the famous scandal. Lancelot had a few moments of his own. He started off so swoon-worthy, then the hardcore loyalty sort of fried his brain. Did I detect a few moments of simpering? I think I might have. His faith in Gwen was admirable, if a little stupid.

But I kid, sort of. My men complaints are so minimal. I believe that she loved and admired him. I believe that she felt him worthy of her undying devotion. However, I had a hard time believing that she shifted all of her focus from Lancelot to Arthur at the end. Because Arthur died? The writing was beautiful. The emotions were powerful. The story had me by the throat. I honestly loved the book That said, for any story to have me wanting to discuss and hope and speculate like this one did, I do consider it to be a success.

There were so many powerful and emotional quotes that I would have liked to have included, but then I would have been here all night copying them. So, no. Oh, and mothereffing Mordred. Not that any of his behavior was unexpected. But still.


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