Poona , Kshemapura in Shivamogga district?? Vijayanagara, Hampi Travelled extensively all over the country. Given name: Srinivasanayaka, Merchant by profession, Brahmin. He was a staunch devotee of Vittala of Pandarapura and Krishna of Udupi.

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Lyrics are also available in this page. Note: Lyrics from various sources including Shri Lakshman Ragde musicalnirvana. Some have been compiled from renditions.

Meanings - there is much room for improvement. Help sought. All suggestions may be directed to Murthy HMG murthyhmg yahoo. In case any of these renditions are copyrighted, kindly notify the uploader Murthy HMG murthyhmg yahoo. Sridharan sridharan. Please contact on the above IDs. C1: The head is ashamed to carry the rod of the palanquin; my wife and children cajoled me to carry the palanquin rod. C2: I was proud like a king and hence refused to carry the casket butti with Gopala in it; my wife and her people persuaded me carry that.

C3: I was, like a king arasu ashamed of wearing a tulasi garland; Purandaravithala made me wear it. C2: I beg you O tongue not to carry tales; Do take the name of our supreme lord shrirama at all times. C3: Do hari smarane at all times O my tongue and do bhajana of Narahaari; try to remember the lotus feet of purandaravithala. Aatana Paaduve Anavarata - Hamsanandi - Purandaradasa Aatana paaduve anavarata preetiyindali tanna bhaktara salahuva Aavatana kirtiyanu parikshita kele pavananadanu moojagavariya bhavashuddiyali shukanaaranu pogaluva aavagam prahladanaadavana nenevanayya shileya baaleya maadida paadavaaradu nalina sambhavanu pettavaraaru kaliyugada manujarige aaranaamavugati ileya bharavaniluhi salahidaraarayya drupadana suteya maanalakshakanaaru nrpadharmanige samrakshakanaaru kripeyinda vidurana maneyalundavanaaru aapatkaaladi gajava salahidaraarayya saagarana magalige aara naamavegati yogadi naaradanaara bhajipenayya raagarahita hanumantanodeyanaaru bhagavatara priya pundaravithala Meaning: I will sing his aatana glory at all times anavarata , the one who who lovingly preetiyindali take care salahuva of his devotees.

A:They see my face and wink. C1: It is said Devaki gave birth to me, Vasudeva is the father. Was born in a barn and was brought to his Uncle Kamsa C2 :It is said that I sucked poisoned milk from the bosom of a Rakshasi and killed her; I destroyed shakatasura.

C3: It is said that you are not the one who gave birth to me, also said that I am not your son; It is said that your brought me up with love, because there was no one to look after cows.

C4: It is said that I drank poison and killed Vatsasura; Also said that I jumped in to the waters to cut Kalinga snake in to pieces. C5: It is said that an eagle is my vehicle, and snake is my bed; Also said that I stole and ate butter; just like purandaravittala. C2: This person is rama for that person, that person is rama for this person; is there any such a strange phenomenon in this world?

C3: Noble persons like Hanuma embraced each other and danced; purandaravithala appeared there that moment. C2: Note the fullness of the river, it has great force; I am taken in by the force of the river, it is carrying me away. C3: See the rising water level of the river, It is rising fast; It is difficult for anyone to cross this river, Do help me cross it. A: Is our Krishna not in your street Keri? C1: He Wears Yellow dress, has flute in his hands, smell of sandalwood from his body; Wears a tulasi garland around his neck, have you seen such Vasudeva?

C2: Has a Kankana thick ring in his hands, wears a ring on his finger, and has a tiger nail garland in his neck; a peepal leaf, wears a leg band, and one who sleeps on a serpent, have you seen him? Why fear? C2: If one remembers the Bhima, who made a crore Lingas fall from each hair of his, will not all sins go away?

C3: If one remembers the Madhvaraya who worships Purandaravithala, will not all sings go way?


Index – Dasara padagalu Lyrics

Biography[ edit ] Inscriptional evidence suggests Purandara Dasa was born to a diamond merchant in a Kannada Deshaastha Madhva Brahmin family, [9] [10] [11] in CE in Kshemapura, near Tirthahalli , Shivamogga district , Karnataka state. He received a good education in accordance with the family traditions and acquired proficiency in Kannada, Sanskrit, and sacred music. At the age of 16 he was married to one Saraswati Bai, held by tradition to have been a pious young girl. He prospered and became known as Navakoti Narayana an abundantly rich man; worth ninety millions. As a natural, inescapable consequence of such a transforming event, ubiquitous in the lives of several saints throughout the ages, he is believed to have relinquished his former greedy and miserly self, having realized the worthlessness of attachment to worldly possessions: [15] The Lord, in a bid to cure Srinivaasa of his tenacious materialistic delusion and attachment, and thereby claim his devotion to Himself, approached Srinivaasa in the guise of a poor man, with a piteous plea for money; ostensibly, the money was direly needed to perform His! Realizing that Srinivaasa had grown wise to her secret donation, the wife decided to end her life with poison.


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Sri Purandara Dasa


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