Zulkikus You are not the body, for the body coneitions born and dies, and you are not born, nor do you die. May 19, Jayalchemist rated it did not like it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Reflections of the Christ Mind. This book will help you to bring your understanding from the head to the heart so that you can model the withut of love and forgiveness Practice The very word practice invites misunderstanding. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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While I very much like studying spirituality, I tend to stay far away from religions and organizations of the sort. Not the regurgitated, manipulated, piece of poo that gets spoon fed to people When I read this years ago, I was able to actually lay aside my wounds of the christian church, and open myself back up to take another look at what was originally meant to be taught and learned from the religion before it was tainted. It helped me make peace with my interactions with the church from when I was smaller.

Sounds a bit much to put onto one book, I know, but it was just what I needed to edge over into that dawn of realization those many years ago. So there it is.

Nov 20, Gloria rated it really liked it Love Without Conditions will guide the reader to self-forgiveness and insire you to make the necessary changes to make your life and those around you much better.

Paul Ferrini a poet, mystic, and visionary. A must read for those who are seeking inner wisdom and strength through Jesus and his ministry. Sep 20, Beth Crit rated it it was amazing Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says she studies this book like the Bible. I scoffed at that for many reasons before I read it. Now I totally agree with her. I will revisit this book regularly. It is how I long to love people and life. Feb 08, Richard rated it it was ok The author makes some good points on love and forgiveness, but the book is more geared toward those interested in New Age rather than Christianity.

Jul 25, Mark Henrikson rated it it was ok I had this book recommended to me as research for a novel I was writing at the time. To be frank, it turned me off right from the start. The author chose to write the book in the first person as if Jesus himself were speaking to the reader.

To me it came off as a pathetic attempt to lend additional support to the authors thesis. No this is not Jesus speaking to you. He did not bless this author with some divine words or inspiration. It is an author spouting his theory on life hoping you will buy I had this book recommended to me as research for a novel I was writing at the time. It is an author spouting his theory on life hoping you will buy off on it. One point the book made did sort of resonate with me: the idea that you are in control of how you interpret events that happen in your life.

However, the authors assertion that nothing bad ever happens to you; you just choose to interpret it as bad is just plain ridiculous. My father died far too soon. There is no silver lining there. It was a profoundly bad thing that happened in my life. An elementary school got shot up by a raving lunatic last year — BAD; the end. The rest of the book came across like a rambling string of bullshit I would expect to hear from Tom Cruise spouting off about Scientology while jumping up and down on a sofa during a talk show.

Apparently I should hug the guy that mugs me at gun point. That kind of crap, and that pretty well encapsulates this book — Crap.





Love without conditions



Love Without Conditions




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