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Artculo Las pensiones sern una por cada mes de estudios del respectivo ao lectivo, pudiendo establecerse por concepto de matrcula un monto que no podr exceder al importe de una pensin mensual de estudios. Texto modificado por el Artculo 1 de la Ley N c El monto y oportunidad de pago de cuotas de ingreso; d Requisitos para el ingreso de nuevos alumnos; e El plan curricular de cada ao de estudios, duracin, contenido, metodologa y sistema pedaggico; g Los sistemas de evaluacin y control de los estudiantes; 2 1 Publicada el 01 de diciembre de Modificada por Ley N publicada el 09 de febrero de

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JoJoshicage Extension For twins, the third or any subsequent child, a female worker may remain on maternity leave until the child ren is are three years old. To be entitled to these benefits, a worker shall have been affiliated for not less than six months and have paid contributions for not less than three months in the six months preceding the starting date of the corresponding medical leave.

Chile — Maternity protection — Not mentioned Labour Code. Employers are compelled to take all necessary measures to protect effectively the life and health of all their workers. LEY DE Social security Parental leave benefits Please take into account that there are two kind of parental leave paid and unpaid in order to understand. After the expiry of maternity, parental, adoption leave or leave for the purpose of caring and nursing a child with severe development difficulties and for the duration of the of the employment relationship until the child reaches the age of three pursuant to a lry regulation, the employee who has exercised one of the these rights has the right to return to the same job he or she performed before exercising this right, and if the need for such job no longer exists, the employer shall offer him or her to conclude an employment contract for the of other appropriate job with working conditions which shall not be less favourable than those he or she enjoyed before exercising the right in question.

Labour Code Results generated on: The activity of service mentioned in art. Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to ,ey consultation of the authentic legal texts. The father may enjoy this parental leave if the mother decide it, in this case the father oey notify his employer at least 10 before making use of this right by written and through certified mail with copy to the Labour Inspector.

While on adoption leave, the adoptive parent has the right to receive salary compensation. This right is compulsory and must be taken during the first month after birth.

A parent may elect to draw parental allowance for a period of up to two, three or four years of the child. KREEFT PHILOSOPHY PDF The period of participation in sickness insurance for the right to Maternity benefit includes the period of studies at a secondary school, vocational college or university considered to be to systematic preparation for a future profession, for the purposes of pension insurance, if the beginning of the sixth week the anticipated childbirth date falls on leu period of calendar days from the date of the successful completion of the studies, or the care of the child was assumed within days after date of the successful completion of the studies.

The employer shall provide for and maintain the machinery, instruments, equipment, tools, workplace, access to workplace, as well as organise work in a manner which guarantees the protection of life and health of workers in accordance with the nature of the work being performed. Maternity protection is conferred by the Labour Code and covers women workers in the public and private sectors, companies of mixed capital, public administration and public establishments, cooperatives, households, industrial, agricultural, mining and commercial enterprises and it also extents to all women covered by a welfare ly.

The worker concerned shall exercise this right within a period of 60 working days from the date of her dismissal. In order to favor the pre-natal and post-natal rest, the National Social Security Institut shall pay to women workers a benefit according to that forseen in art. Furthermore, also adoptive parents are entitled to 13 weeks of unpaid leave each until the child reaches 8 years of age.

Follow LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter livescience and on Facebook. The nursing breaks in leh with the employer may be taken: Ministry of Health http: If an employer is not able to proceed in providing appropriate tasks, the employee has right to take a leave with a salary compensation pursuant to a special regulation. Act on compulsory health insurance Zakon o obveznom zdravstvenom osiguranju.

Social security system Further conditions will be regulated by the Ministry of welfare. Net income is taken into account in the decisive income. Not prohibited for women or pregnant workers. Duration Every pregnant woman is entitled to maternity leave for a period of 14 weeks. The Ministry of Health shall lay down in its Decree the types of work and workplaces prohibited to female employees who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who are mothers until the end of the ninth month after childbirth.

If the mother dies during confinement or during the postnatal leave period, the father shall be entitled to benefits and leave under the same conditions as were established for the mother. Leh agreement must include data laid down by law, and may be concluded with effect no sooner than the beginning of the 7th week after the childbirth.

Work considered prejudicial to health includes any work that obliges the worker to lift, drag or push heavy weights, make physical efforts, including standing for long periods of time, and that the competent authority states as incompatible with pregnancy. It is forbidden to employers conditioning the hiring of female workers, her retention, her renewal of contract, her leg or mobility in employment the absence or existence of pregnancy, or to demand for such purposes any certificate or examination to verify whether it is or not stage of pregnancy.

Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts. Until the child is 6 months old the salary compensation is paid at an amount of per cent of the base. This right is compulsory. The employer must not refuse to employ a woman because she is pregnant. In case of terminal or serious illness of a child under 18 years old that requires personal attention, the working mother is entitled to a leave of absence from work for the number of hours equivalent to ten days ordinary work per year, distributed according her choice of ,ey days, partial or a combination thereof.

LEY Leyy We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version. A worker, either man or woman, who is the guardian of a child younger than six months, as a result of having had legal custody or guardianship of the child granted as a means of ,ey, shall be entitled to leave and benefits. The rights specified by the Labour Act for the purpose of the protection of motherhood and child rearing my be exercised, under the same conditions, by and adoptive parent or by a person in whose custody the child was placed in accordance with a decision issued by a body responsible for social welfare.

A woman shall be entitled to a one hour break to nurse her child below 2 years of age. The cost of this nursing facilities will be borne in employers. TOP Related Posts.





LEY Nº 26549 Ley de los Centros Educativos Privados


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