Edward Jean-Claude and Richard : Have only minor roles in this novel, contacting Anita briefly by dream and phone, respectively. Initially, Anita explains that she has taken a "break" from dating either of them and has done her best to block off their spiritual connection. By the end of the novel, she has decided to accept and renew her connection with both men. Other characters[ edit ] Other than the characters discussed above, Obsidian Butterfly features only one recurring character, FBI agent Bradley Bradford. Agent Bradford backs Anita up against the local police when necessary, and warns Anita that agencies within the US government are reviewing her file, possibly with the intent of recruiting her for her animator abilities.

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Shelves: read-at-your-own-risk , urban-fantasy , horror , so-bad-it-s-horrible , hello-my-name-is-mary-sue , idiot-protagonist , you-did-not-just-go-there , i-whine-therefore-i-am , fashion-accident Obsidian Butterfly: A Review in Two Parts Anita Blake returns home to a phone call from Edward.

She goes to find that there have been several gruesome murders, the victims left horribly maimed. Who is performing these crimes and how far will Anita go to stop them? Therefore, I have split this review into two parts. Does she love Jean-Claude or Richard? How does she balance both in addition to her growing powers and her place as lukoi? And what about her increasingly dark turn, embracing dark magics and torture? How does she reconcile this with her Christian and moral upbringing?

While these questions are very good, Anita needed some space to work them out. Hence this book. The actual mystery and investigation is very interesting. I liked seeing Anita investigate the murders, ask questions, dig deeper. If this were the only part I was reviewing, I would easily give this book a 3. This book is absolute dreck.

What makes this book worse than all the previous 8 books? I had noticed since about "Burnt Offerings" that these books seemed to showcase a more and more hostile view of women. Well, this book easily surpasses them all.

Most women never really got the knack of it. Making broad statements like "women are naturally friendly" or that all women have large purses and pack a bajillion suitcases full of crap is small-minded and foul. Letting 14 year old impressionable boys get away with misogynistic statements just keeps the cycle repeating. I agreed with him but not out loud. From the moment Anita lays eyes on her, she is undermining the woman, demeaning her, and treating her like filth.

Instead of tending to her children and trying to comfort the woman, Anita does this: "I got a handful of that short, thick hair and pulled her hair up. It hurt and it was meant to. And then we have a major scene where a male stripper is sexually harassed. Leaving Anita as the only one to rescue him. Other women are likewise threatened. Anita and Edward attempt to rescue them. Before they do, they and the readers are subjected to a brutal depiction of child rape and torture.

A random woman fondles Peter until he experiences his first "Pleasure" and hits him across the face. He screams and protests the entire time. A man holds Becca in his lap and breaks her fingers as she screams. I respect that LKH wants to make sure that we realize that these kids are in real, serious danger, that they might not come out alive.

I even respect her for trying something darker. But honestly, this scene is completely unnecessary, a chill, pornographic thrill, something to make readers gasp in shock and horror. Of course, all the time unfortunately.

But did we really need to "go there" in an Anita Blake novel? In my opinion, no. These two main bullets are the reason that this book is rated 1 star. If you really like Anita Blake, have always liked Anita Blake, and desperately want more of her and Edward, then go ahead, have a ball with this book.

More power to you. But if you are sick and tired of the woman-hating, excessively violent, angry Anita Blake, then you might want to give this a pass--or at least proceed with caution. NOTE: For those not faint of heart, I recommend taking a look at some of my status updates for the items I forgot to mention, such as the stellar writing "I laughed.

They laughed. A good time had by all.


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