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L5R is heavily inspired by Japanese culture, but also draws inspiration from Chinese and Korean history as well. L5R makes it very clear that Rokugan is not Japan — though you might be playing as a Samurai or a Ninja, the game and the game world are still very much steeped in fantasy.

The Good From a purely visual perspective, the L5R 4th Edition core book is one of the most beautiful roleplaying books I have ever seen. To put it simply, the book is visually stunning. Every picture in the book is top notch; even the non-image related artwork is great. All of the text sidebars are amazingly well done and beautiful. This is a book that I have not had a problem laying on my desk; I have had have my Japanese co-workers come by to take a look at it and they were all pretty impressed with the Samurai and Courtier artwork.

But artwork alone does not a good roleplaying book make though it certainly does help. I find the L5R system to be very, very simple on most fronts. L5R uses the roll and keep system — whenever you try to do something in the game, you roll X number of d10 dice and then keep Y number of those dice and try and beat a Target Number TN. People unfamiliar with how the system works might be a bit confused by the 5k3 abbreviation, which definitely confused me way back when I first saw it, but after you understand the simplicity of the basic system, it all comes together pretty easily.

This system is expertly explained in this book, which offers some improvements to the core system from previous editions; however, the system has not changed so much that you would not be able to understand what is going on. The system change from 3rd Edition L5R to 4th Edition seems to me to be much more subtle than some other edition changes that we have seen in the last couple of years.

Character Generation in L5R uses an interesting setup; you choose the type or role your character will fill, whether that be a Bushi samurai warrior , a Courtier a member of the court , or a Shugenja a spellcaster , among others roles, and then from there, you have a multitude of other options to choose from.

Even some of the more basic advantages have a direct impact on how your character works from a story perspective in the game. I like that a lot. The book provides a brief history of the world and gives a general breakdown of how each of the clans was formed and where they are now.

Each of the clans is given a focus section as well. The setting is vivid and interesting and intrigued me by its mix of both western and eastern mythology. While the book is visually stunning, it is also very easy to damage. I find myself leaving fingerprints on a lot of the pages. Out of the desire to keep a clean book, I have actually found myself wiping it down to keep my finger oils off of it. I also have the feeling that the book might not hold up quite as well as others over the long term.

I have been using the book a lot, and I can already tell that some of the pages are on the verge of coming out. Also understanding how deadly L5R actually is, can be a bit of a hassle Unless you catch the sidebar which explains how potentially lethal the L5R game can be, you might not understand why your character gets killed after taking one katana to the chest. But, if you read closely enough and catch the sidebar, then you will probably be okay. Setting Wise, I would have loved to have more material here, but there is only so much you can cram into one book.

I thought that the clans deserved about double the space that they had been given. Instead of having two page spreads summarizing each of the clans, I would have preferred four or six page ones. The information they provide is sufficient, but it does not meet my wants.

Also, the minor clans should have had more space dedicated to them as well. Because I have a lot of the older books, and not a lot of the setting related information has changed with this edition upgrade, I can look back to the older material to find out whatever I need to know about the clans and Rokugan, but new players, starting with this edition, might feel themselves wanting.

Final Thoughts I guess to put it succinctly, this is one of the books that I am most happy to have this year. It rolls up all the system rules, character gen, and game mastering tips all into one book. I guess I should mention that the book is pages long. I could see myself running an L5R campaign with nothing but this core book. This one is a winner. Share this:.


Core Rulebook (The Mantis Clan) fiction

This blog is updated continuously to provide the most current information. Before we start on this journey, a few important points: 1. This means that a the game is played using cards and b those cards are released in a very specific way. Every living card game starts with what is called a Core Set. Anyone interested in playing Legend of the Five Rings will need at least one Core Set, as it contains the cards, rulebook, tokens, and components needed for the game to function. Buying a Core Set is like buying a traditional board game — you can open it, learn the rules, and play it for as long as you would like. An L5R Core Set contains cards to be used during the game.


Core Rulebook fiction

Yogore But editing a roleplaying game is a bull of a different color. Book are in near mint condition, slip case has one corner torn as can be seen in the 3rd picture. Masters of War is the weakest so far, due to editing gaffs. Unless you have someone l5r core rulebook the book from start to finish after all the parts are in place, you are running the risk. Masters of Magic Masters of Magic? This book is completely revised, containing a comprehensive treatment of the Way of l5r core rulebook Clans and Winter Really sad to see it end. Most newer books are in the original electronic format.


Clan War: Rulebook

For hours, the Shimakage had crept up on the plodding merchant ship out of Earthquake Fish Bay. To the merchant ship, the Shimakage must have appeared as just another trading vessel heading for the Islands of Silk and Spice. Hanging off over the blue-green foam, a single firm grip on the stays the only thing keeping her from plunging into the depths, Shio glanced back from the horizon with the guileless expression of a child. Shio gave the other vessel another look, then pulled herself aboard with a casual tug on the stays.


Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, Fourth Edition


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