Introduction 4 II. The case 5 III. Analysis: competitive assessment 6 1 Confectionery sector overview. Our results: pro-collusive effects and efficiency gains.

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Kraft Food, Inc. KFT plays a dominant role in distributing manufactured goods to consumers worldwide. The company has provided consumers a plethora of products from dairy products to cookies to steak sauce. KFT prides itself on its overwhelming ability to diversify their products in an ever changing market.

The organization understands consumer demands and quickly transitions to exceed consumer expectations. Their products appeal to every generation. At the same time, the company has continued to invest in product quality, marketing and innovation behind its iconic North American brands, while implementing a series of cost management initiatives.

As a result, the company has delivered a remarkable outcome in very challenging economic conditions" PRNewswire, The Kraft and Cadbury merger was a hostile horizontal acquisition. The very act of Kraft seeking to purchase Cadbury categorized the merger as a horizontal acquisition. Unfortunately the effort to conjoin forces was not without bickering among executives and hierarchical protests of why the deal should not take place.

Nevertheless, advantages of the merger far exceeded the disadvantages. Cadbury, a British based organization wanted to keep the organization in the hands of British constituents. The organization feared that shifting power to a multinational company would contribute to massive job losses in the United Kingdom U. In addition to blatant opposition of the acquisition, Cadbury executives considered the Kraft brand to be low performing compared to Cadbury who is loved by everyone according to Cadbury executives.

Cadbury declined several offers from Kraft, however after grueling negotiation and term amendments Cadbury finally gave in to what appeared to be the best and only offer on the table at the time. The organization is best known for their specialty chocolates during Easter, i. Cadbury Easter Solution Summary Kraft Food, Inc.


Analysis of the Kraft Food- Cadbury Merger

Introduction 2 1. This essay lays out why this merger came to fruition and the reasons it made strategic sense financially. Also, I evaluate numbers from the acquisition, as well and performance over the past couple of years. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the concept of CQ through the analysis and evaluation of the case of the merger between Kraft and Cadbury.


Kraft and Cadbury Merger Analysis Essay

Home Essays Kraft and Cadbury Merger In this report we will examine why it made strategic sense for the two companies to combine and evaluate the performance of the combined companies since its merger. In particular we will analyze the post-merger financial statements and highlight a few points regarding the accounting. Its products are biscuits, confectionary, cheese, convenient meals and packaged groceries. About half of the revenues are from international markets. Kraft Foods is an attractive investment in which Warren Buffett has a 9.


Analysis of Kraft’s Acquisition of Cadburys

Appendix D 1. Hitt et al. Mayrhofer proclaimed that in a merger, firms combine their assets with the intention of creating a renovated company, whereas in an acquisition, one firm takes control of most of the capital of another corporation and unite the two companies. Barmeyer and Mayrhofer, , pp. Nevertheless, many academics argue that acquisitions are one of the most valued means to business growth Grundy, I will be focusing on the most common success factors set out in the literature in this paper, when evaluating the success of the Kraft-Cadbury acquisition.


Kraft and Cadbury Merger Analysis


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