Lean on me and let us walk this path together Together. The Sevenwaters family,Red and Sorcha s family believed that there would be no evil in the world they could not face together. And that is precisely the reason the evil forces tried to divide them,to wreak havoc and mistrust on a family that valued their bond than anything else. Secrets and betrayals came to light,one by one,threading a web of isolation and anger.

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Plot summary[ edit ] In this novel, Liadan grows up in Sevenwaters with her twin brother Sean and her older sister Niamh. They are the offspring of Sorcha and Iubdan formerly Hugh of Harrowfield.

Liadan follows in her mothers tradition in learning the healing arts. Eamonn actually asks for the hand of Liadan, she says that she will give him an answer in one year. While staying at Sevenwaters, Eamonn tells a tale of a recent attack by a band of mercenaries. Upon this attack, all his men were killed, and his life was spared by a man called the Painted Man. He swears that he will kill him. Liadan discovers their secret during a walk in the forest. Liadan goes with her sister on the trip to her new home and on the way back she is kidnapped by an outlaw and brought to the camp of "The Painted Man.

She accepts the task and eventually falls in love with Bran, their leader. When Bran finds out that she is actually daughter of Hugh of Horrowfield, he sends her back home.

With the help of Finbar she realises that she has his gift of sight and the ability to read and heal the minds of others. All of the leaders go to a counsel to discuss the feud with the Britons. During this visit Liadan discovers that her sisters husband has been beating and abusing her, she uses her mind gifts to help Niamh. Liadan finally gives birth to her son and her mother and father realise when the child is born that his father Bran must have been the son of John and Margery, kinsman of Iubdan when he was Lord of Horrowfield.

Liadan names the child Johnny. Shortly after the birth of Johnny, Sorcha dies. He tells Liadan that Niamh is indeed alive and safe. He also tells her the truth of why they could not wed. So their union was forbidden by blood.

This was why they were not allowed to wed and that he could never be a druid since he carried the blood of the sorceress Lady Oonagh. Bran comes to Sevenwaters in secret to meet with Sean and meets Liadan, she tells him of his son. They then learn that Fionn was recently strangled in his sleep. Liam was indeed killed by a Britons arrow and his nephew Sean takes control of Sevenwaters.

Liadan has had visions of Eamonn torturing Bran. She makes a deal with Eamonn, in exchange for not revealing that Eamonn betrayed his kinsman Liam and sacrificed his life in exchange for the Painted Man capture. Aisling will be allowed to go Sevenwaters and Liadan can leaves with Bran and Gull if she can find them and leave before dusk.

She reveals this to her father Iubdan and she convinces Bran that his future might lie in returning to his roots at Harrowfield in Briton, while his men talk of setting up a school for warriors. Sean: Brother to Niamh, twin of Liadan. Only heir to Sevenwaters.

He and Liadan can speak directly mind to mind. Liam: Eldest brother of Sorcha. Liam is the current Lord of Sevenwaters. Conor: Brother to Sorcha, now leader of the Druids. Finbar: Brother to Sorcha, he was left with a swans wing as an arm at the end of Daughter of the Forest. Painted Man aka Bran: Mercenary for hire with a dedicated band of followers. Goes by "Red" or "the Big Man.

Janis: The kitchen woman, a tinker woman who settled at Severwaters. Known as "Fat Janis" in Daughter of the Forest. One of the few characters to appear in all three books of the trilogy Evan: The smith in the Band of the Painted Man, Liadan with the help of the Chief removed his injured arm and attempts to save his life. He became a seaman and travelled the world. Fantasy addicts should love it".


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