That I would take him from you? That I would be angry? Katya, I am overjoyed. He is—he is incredible! The most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

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Shelves: favorites , historical-romance , plain-jane , spinster-old-maid , regency , bad-boy-rake-or-rogue , exotic-setting-jungle-island-desert , captive-kidnapped , russian-hero-or-heroine , favorite-or-autobuy-author I cannot really explain why this is a favorite Johanna Lindsey book since the premise is rather offensive. They actually kidnap her and take her back to Russia. Yet I love this book. I did not agree with what Dimitri did to Katherine. He was arrogant and thought the world belonged to him.

He was a prince of Russia, and they had lots of I cannot really explain why this is a favorite Johanna Lindsey book since the premise is rather offensive. He was a prince of Russia, and they had lots of power. They literally owned people serfs tied to the land and the houses of the rich for their whole lives. In his mind, he could have whatever he wanted. All he had to do was crook his finger and women jumped into his bed. And he is floored that she reduces his attempts at seduction, not to mention angry.

He wants a willing woman in his bed. When makes an offhand comment out of anger to that effect to his servants, that they take as an edict to give him exactly what he wants. Well, he must help her out, and not allow her to suffer, right? I can buy that one time. Second time around, she is still not hip about being a bedbunny, even if he is a great and wonderful prince. So he deliberately has them dose her again! I thought that was beyond the pale.

But the second time around, he definitely was at fault. After the second time, something changes in their relationship. He comes back and is livid on her behalf. He then proceeds to nurse her with tender loving care.

Okay why did I like this book so much? It was unique and original, and interesting. It kept my interest. Dimitri is a character that you become intrigued by, warts and all. I wanted this spoiled man to grow up and be a worthy hero. Katherine is a spectacular heroine. She has no problem standing up for herself. You root for her to get herself out of that situation.

And frankly, I could have cared less if she ever saw Dimitri again. I guess the epilogue won me over. Also you could see towards the end of this book how much she had come to mean to him.

So I grudgingly decided that it was okay for him to have Katherine, as long as he married her and made her a very happy woman for the rest of her life. But I do, despite some of the crazy and very un-PC events that occur in it.


Secret Fire

John took little note of the overcast sky hanging heavily above her. She moved absently about the little garden, snipping pink and red roses that she would later arrange to her satisfaction, one vaseful for her sitting room and one for her sister Elisabeth. And her father George disliked roses, so she cut none for him. She was adaptable in that way.





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