Faeran James Churchward He was supported by J. Most of all, at a time when few could travel great distances, he provided descriptions and illustrations of innumerable megalithic ruins throughout the Pacific region, proof that an advanced civilization occupied a large continent in times past. This is the date given by Cayce, Churchward and others for the last destruction of Atlantis and Mu: While his comparison of Egyptian and Maya alphabets was according to E. In almost all cultures, incoming rulers have efficiently erased all traces of the former oligarchy.

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Vudomuro Fanatics have eliminated the best resources, such as the Library at Alexandria, the Mayan Codices, many Buddhist temple records, so that proof of antiquities must be collated bit by bit from fragmented sources, esoteric writings, heavily guarded sacred texts, and from those cuurchward have a proven ability to access Akashic Records.

Although he amassed an instantaneous cult-following among his leadership, he also managed to tick off members of the conservative scientific community, religious leaders, and literary critics with his emphatic claims. Modern traditional scientists have long abandoned this paradigm if they ever followed itinsisting on step-by-step progress and duplicatible results.

Many of these belch steam and rocks from time to time: You might be in for a shock. When will some group of linguists undertake to decipher these? He married in India at age 20 and had a son, Alexander, in Civilization has a way of starting new calendars, new histories, at the dawn of each era following destructions, with welcome forgetfulness. Coral too, gives silent testimony, as it can grow only under the surface of water to a depth of feet; rings of coral have been found in the South Seas 1, feet deep, meaning that those areas went down slowly over an extended period of time.

The sial is generally absent in the ocean floor where the crust is a few kilometers thick, while the continents are huge solid blocks tens of kilometers thick. Over hills it is unstratified drift; in river valleys it is stratified drift.

Most of all, at a time when few could travel great distances, he provided descriptions and illustrations of innumerable megalithic ruins throughout the Pacific region, proof that an advanced civilization occupied a large continent in times past.

In the s explorer and mineralologist William Niven stumbled upon a series of pits which reached 30 feet in depth, in an area of 10 x 20 miles in the NW Valley between Texcoco and Haluepantla. James argued that there was more evidence for an exodus from Mu west to the Americas. Views Read Edit View history. Churchward, before the discovery of tectonic plates which divide up the earth, contended that these gas-belts circumtraverse the globe, with chambers that underwent coil apse at certain times in prehistory, causing subsidence and submersion of lands.

In Peter Vogt of mh U. Atlantis jealously retains its secrets thousands of feet down, under water, slime, and perhaps the sea bottom itself. Allow this favorite churchhward to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Etna erupting with massive lava flow. Write a review Rate this item: However, these are very slow processes that occur in geological time scales hundreds of millions of years. Nothing could be more apt, for in the last five years important discoveries have been made at the bottom of the seafloor off Okinawa, near Yonaguni Island: And where did churchwwrd lemur get its name?

And more, what sudden climactic event caused such a mass freezing? Prophecy figures in flood legends, as well: When these were seen by Churchward, he joyously exclaimed they were similar, though smaller, with like inscriptions, to the Naacal tablets in Tibet, copied from records of Mu.

America and southeast to the Alabama Gulf — a distance of 8, to Logically, fleeing Atlanteans could not bring their sophisticated technology with them, only the memory of it. Motherland of Manwhich he claimed proved the existence of a lost continentcalled Muin the Pacific Ocean. A flood of icy water poured down the Valley of Mississippi to raise the Gulf waters feet.

Hindu traditions affirm that the first Sangham poetic academy lasted for 4, years; the second one for 3, years; the third one up to the Christian era lasted 1, years.

Since the Troano gave the date of 10, BC as last destruction, it is reasonable to assume it was correctly translated, and that those who termed it an astrological chart were misled and misleading. Other Etna eruptions have occurred simultaneously with a 6. Of all the stone tablets Colonel Churchward came across, there is but one that is erroneous. Geologist William Hutton believes even a 9 degree sway from the axis norm would be enough to cause crustal displacement and geological events.

Churchward had two important locations he divulged to P. The Rishi had shown him ancient Hindu holy writings describing early metallurgy, where extreme heat temperatures were used in metal allay melts! Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Most Related.


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