Well anyone who has shopped around for wireless headsets for their home or office can tell you what a load of bunk that is. What does it do? Is there a difference? The Flex-boom mic is longer and bendable. Both these headsets allow you to connect with your Deskphone or PC Softphone.

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Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Page 3 Basic headset operation is also introduced here. Page 5 The way in which you connect the two devices will 1.

Open the panel on the front-right of the Jabra PRO vary according to whether the phone has a headset base by slipping your thumbnail under the bottom port and whether it has an electronic hook-switch or edge of the panel and pulling forward and up. Page 6 3.

Select the softphone you want to use target softphone from those available in the select softphone for outgoing calls drop-down list. Page 7 1 settings icon: touch here to go to the settings The headset LED indicates whether it is charging menu for your base and headset. Check the headset battery level indicated on the 2 Battery indicator: indicates the current charge touchscreen.

Page 8 2. Open the audio channel from your headset to your desk phone by doing one of the following: - Touch the open-connection icon on the touchscreen. When you are done talking, close the connection from your desk phone to the phone network by doing one of the following: - If your desk phone has a headset button, then press Page 9 5.

Close the audio channel from your headset to your 3. When you are done talking, do one of the following desk phone by doing one of the following: to hang up: - Touch the end-call icon on the touchscreen. A soft tone sounds every now and then to remind you when the microphone is muted. Dispose of the product according to local standards and regulations. Page 17 4. Page 19 Basisstation gestartet. Hier wird auch der grundlegende Betrieb des Headsets vorgestellt. Folgen Sie den sofern vorhanden mithilfe des Assistenten konfigurieren.

Setzen Sie Ihr Headset auf. La llamadas salientes.

ISO 8092-2 PDF

Jabra PRO 9460 Duo



Jabra PRO™ 9460 Duo



JABRA PRO 9460-Duo Quick Start Manual



Bedienungsanleitung JABRA PRO 9460


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