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Contact Inspection and Certification for Safe and High-Quality Valves Valves play a decisive role in industries such as chemical or oil and gas. A dysfunctional valve can, for example, lead to fire disaster causing major loss in the petroleum industry. The compliance with applicable standards and regulations is therefore crucial in order to ensure safety and performance.

Our experts are there to support you. Access high-tech valve markets worldwide by implementing our valve inspection and testing methods. Do you need more information on our valve certification and testing services? Do not hesitate and contact us! Your Benefits of Our Valve Inspection and Certification at a Glance With our wide range of valve inspection, testing and certification services we help you to: Meet the prerequisites for exporting, selling and launching your products abroad.

Gain advanced knowledge of valve integrity to enable better planning of production. Ensure the compliance of your valves according to relevant standards and regulations. Successfully compete on the international market by accessing our extensive global experience and industrial expertise.

Considerably reduce health, safety and environmental risks. A test certificate is issued upon successful testing.

Customers must submit new samples in each case of any inconformity with the required standards. Pressure vessel regulations control all market access provisions. After testing, inspectors will issue a test certificate. If the test results comply with the applicable standards, we will issue a certificate of conformity. Otherwise, new samples need to be submitted.

These instructions serve to protect the general public and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution. Only those valve products carrying the TA Luft certificate are allowed into the German market. EN ISO for Industrial Valves The EN ISO standard specifies testing procedures for the evaluation of external leakage resulting from valve stem seals or shaft and the body joints of isolating valves and control valves intended to be used with volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids.

To determine inner leakage, the valve is closed and externally surrounded by fire for 30 minutes. Valve seats with leakage amounts in conformity with the standard are accepted. This test ensures that after a valve is closed, combustible fluids or gas will not leak to the downstream pipeline in case of fire at a plant.

Testing conducted on valve rod and valve deck mainly refer to outer leakage. Outer leakage found to be in accordance with API minimizes combustible fluid or gas leaking out of the pipeline to eliminate the hazard of further fueling an existing fire.


2013.04.30 ISO 15848-1(有機物排放-VOC) 閥門逸散試驗 認證



ISO 15848-1



UNE EN ISO 15848-1:2015/A1:2017


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