Instant Temptation is the last book in the Wilder series and I am sad to see it go. I would have loved to have a book or two more. This book is about the oldest Wilder brother TJ finding love. When they were in school they use to be friends, but not anymore. When they are not avoiding each other they are fighting with each other. But no matter how much they fight with each other there is this underline explosive sexual tension between them too.

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Im a giver that way. Come on, Emma. Unless youre too chicken? Kiss me, Stone. Take what you want. The heroine Emma drove me crazy. Emma: I 3 Dr. Emma is a uppity, uptight bitch!!! I thought she was selfish, and rude to her dad even after learning everything she thought bad about her dad was wrong.

She would be ripping clothes off because she wanted to him so bad then the second the sex was done she was running for the hills. I wanted to slam my head into a wall when Stone caught her kissing the other guy and just took her excuse and then slept with her! He was fun, laid back and sweet. He has a big heart and took care of everyone. Some of the things that came out his mouth OMG is Stone sweet. He works so hard to get Emma to loosen up.

I really thought he could do so much better than Emma. Just saying! She was just like a bitchy wet blanket. I did love the T. J Stone brother moments and I loved the Annie, Nick news. I would have liked to see Katie and Cam again. I missed them a lot in this book. Over all this book was ok but not a great read.

Oh well I am on to T. You offering your heart and soul to everything you do. It changed me. You changed me.


The Summer Deal



Instant Temptation


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