Dekorativ Series Dekorativ or privacy finishes for your home, office or commercial property Available for: Commercial, Decorative, Residential Our patented window film has been installed on over 2. Oria, Homeowner Upon completion of the installation, looking through the windows from the inside of the structure it is nearly impossible to see the difference of visibility through the glass, but reduced heat gain through the windows is very noticeable. It was causing tension headaches, and damaging our carpet and woodwork. We were able to decrease the tonnage on our chiller, and that really helped our bottom line. It has a cleaner look, and does a great job of reducing heat into the bus and blocking UV rays. Our police department has also commented to me how much they like the film, since they can look into the buses and observe misbehavior, whereas the old dark films did not allow them to see into the bus.

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Huper Optik vs. By 0 Huper Optik vs. These are high-performance car window tints, and choosing between each, a car enthusiast has to make some decisions. Both are high-performance, high-quality window tints, but there are differences in their ability to protect solar energy from infiltrating your vehicle interior.

The Huper Optik Ceramic window tint film is extremely high-performing and has not shown a tendency to fade or discolor over time. Talking about 3M in the Huper Optik vs. The Crystalline Tint is among their top products, and the multi-layered optical film technology features layers compressed and thinner than Post-It notes. The tint is clear and may vary in appearance depending on your original vehicle tint.

One of the most trusted tinting brands, Huper Optik backs all their tints with a lifetime warranty of satisfaction. This is a testament to their confidence for durability, ongoing performance, and coloration consistency. This last note is very important: Huper Optik films have shown a tendency to hold their color over the years, not fading or discoloring like a lot of car window tint films. The Huper Optik films also are a favorite amongst customers due to its aesthetic — which has a classic, European feel to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Unlike other tints on the market, ceramic tints do not interfere with electronic transmission signals for cell phones, radio, GPS, or any other devices used often in cars nowadays. Window tint pricing depends on the product Huper Optik offers several different series of films, each with its own particular benefits , number of windows and other factors like the type of car.

Prices can range by region. However if you compare the products, Huper Optik offers the best quality to go along with lasting performance as well as a strong lifetime warranty. Remember, with vehicle window tints your investment will fade naturally over time as the film fades, and the vinyl or ceramic film with each year will have diminishing function and appearance as the Los Angeles sun beats down on the car daily.

One thing Huper Optik window tint film is known for, and that is a hardly perceptible reduction in its quality. This is being proven more and more with each passing year as more car owners choose to go with the best.


Huper Optik vs. 3M Window Tint – Which tint is best?






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