Six months ago he started his first year at the local mainstream college. Recently he has become increasingly agitated, pacing up and down the hallway of his flat. Neighbours have raised concerns that in the last couple of weeks, Roger has been verbally abused and hit by his mother and her boyfriend. They also say that he has been having severe tantrums. Case study Helena HoNOS Helena has a long history of mental illness and has been under the care of the local community mental health centre for six years.

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Access the most recent version at DOI: Do not include behaviour directed constant supervision or physical weeks. Behavioural problems damage and no loss of function e. Rate risk as it is currently perceived. Other mental and behavioural prompting and supervision. This is a global rating to include behavioural 5. Do Include recent memory loss and worsening occasional aggressive gestures, pushing not include behaviour directed towards of orientation for time, place and person or pestering harassment.

Include: Include: A, behaviour familiar surroundings and relate to requiring simple first aid, or requiring destructive to property; B, problems with familiar people. Communication problems with disturbed behaviour e. Include both increase and decrease in weight. This scale does not mother tongue about personal needs seriously and adversely affected by include problems experienced by people and experience during the period rated.

Problems associated with mood period rated. Physical problems to communication. Communication problems with and hearing e. Include all attempts to make needs known and loss of interest. Do not include relatively stable physical and communicate with others words, disability e. Rate behaviour under Behavioural disorders caused by physical on self or others e.

Problems with sleeping when hungry, thirsty or uncomfortable. Problems associated with variation of sleep pattern. Include hallucinations and delusions irre- spective of diagnosis. Seizures tions suggestive of hallucinations and occasional waking. Rate the effects of the fits.

Rate Problems with relationships severity producing a severe immediate the current level with the existing support. Do not rate transport, public amenities. Rate what is seen regardless transport, facilities, etc. Rate performance not potential. Level of self-care breakdown or infrequent contact. Rate the current level achieved with the Rate the overall level of functioning in existing support. Rate the activities of daily living at home. Rate appearance not motivation. Consider factors such as lack of difficulty in preparing meals.

Do not rate problems with self-care e. Activities of daily living outside posing a health risk e. Do not rate e.


Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Children and Adolescents



HoNOS-LD : Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for People with Learning Disabilities


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