Suelen reunirse en un bar llamado Kronen, donde mantienen conversaciones insustanciales mientras consumen una copa y otra, o pillan algo de coca. Mantener encuentros sexuales con quien sea, bromear con las prostitutas que ofrecen sus servicios en la calle, o acometer alocadas situaciones arriesgadas por el simple placer del peligro, son algunas de sus distracciones habituales. Es universitario, de clase media-alta y posee unos valores morales que dejan mucho que desear. Es el mejor amigo de Carlos, aunque en determinadas ocasiones esta amistad se confunde o entremezcla con ciertos sentimientos homosexuales del mismo hacia Carlos. El chico que muere: claramente podemos afirmar que refleja el papel o rol de tonto del grupo, siendo en numerosas ocasiones objeto de burla, debido principalmente a una enfermedad que le impide beber alcohol. Caracterizado por un modo de vida desfasado en general.

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Themes Drugs Drugs play an important part in the life of Kronen. They symbolize the rebellion of the group against the rules and their need for freedom. Drugs are their ticket to a good time where they can forget about their responsibilities and escape into a world of blissful unknowing. Drugs become one of the many obsessions of the group and as the novel progresses, drugs appear more.

The more the group does drugs, the more they need to escape. As the novel progresses, the group does more drugs because the reality of life quickly approaches and they must have some way to escape it. Homosexuality Homosexuality does not play a major role in the novel until the end.

Roberto reveals his secret to Carlos and their friendship changes. The homosexuality represents a catalyst in the change that the group goes through.

However, for Roberto, this fact ahs always been a part of his life and now when he wants to share it with the group, he learns that he must face this reality on his own. Machismo Carlos and his friends have a very machismo attitude towards the women in the novel. They refer to the girls as "cerdas," a derogatory term for female in Spanish. They use other strong terms in reference to the girlfriends of some of the guys.

This machismo attitude shows the attitude of the group perfectly. They have no respect for the girls in their lives; all they care about is having a good time. Rebellion Rebellion is the essence of Kronen. Everything the group does is an attempt to rebel against someone or some rule. Also, the drugs are in direct defiance of the law.

For this group, rebellion means fun and drugs also mean fun. Therefore, drugs mean rebellion. They use drugs to rebel against the law and against all authority. Reality Reality is the theme that ties the novel together. Reality is what the group avoids but also what they must face. In a discussion with his grandfather, Carlos gets advice from an older generation as to what reality is for them. In his day, reality was the oppressive Franco government where freedom was almost non-existant.

For Roberto, reality is his admission that he is homosexual. For Fierro, reality is death. For Amelia, reality is that she does not love Carlos. For Carlos, reality is that life is not always sex, drugs, and rock and roll. For Kronen, reality is that too much fun can lead to destruction and the reality of their actions is worse than any rule they rebel against. Historias del Kronen is more than a novel that tells the story of a group of friends in Madrid.

It is a commentary on the youth of the day and their lack of any perception of reality. Reality is not taking drugs to forget about problems or staying out late to break the rules. Reality is what you see everyday when you look in the mirror. It is what you have to live with; what you can never escape. This is reality. I clugged up my mind with perpetual grief And turned all my friends to enemies And now the past has returned to haunt me.


Historias del Kronen (novela)

Plot[ edit ] Carlos, Roberto, Pedro and Manolo form a group of friends in their early twenties with a lot of time on their hands during their summer vacation. The point of encounter for the group of friends is a bar called the Kronen, where Manolo, the least affluent among them, works as a bar tender and is the singer of a rock band. Carlos is the leader of the pack. He is handsome, selfish, amoral and hedonistic.


Historias del Kronen



Historias del Kronen





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