What is the hardest piano piece technically, and sounding that you can think of? Some pieces are technically difficult but do not sound it, do you know one that is both of these? Preferably something between baroque to impressionist, I like the classical style better than the modern jazz. Any Liszt or Chopin concerto would work perfectly. Move on.

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Richard Cox, PhD. With this post I would like to explain myself a little further. Why this is, I hope to now explain. Climbing to the stage, she stood before Liszt and in one swift motion tore away her petticoat! She unfurled the undergarment and held it aloft between the pianoforte and the audience in the manner of a Spanish matador, obscuring Liszt from the waist down.

Suddenly he lifted his thin arms far above the pianoforte and launched himself into the galop at a tempo so rapid one could hardly follow it with the ear. His playing crashed in around us in thunderous peals, causing the finest nerves of the breast and loins to tremble.

The front rows of the hall erupted in a St. Vitus-dance: the men shaking and heaving uncontrollably, the women shuttering and weeping in hysteria. How these passages were accomplished with ten fingers we confess ourselves unable to guess. Liszt shuttered his head back as if clutched in the grip of ecstasy and hot tears rolled down his cheeks.

The audience too freed of their possession quieted as Liszt groped at the pianoforte for a few moments more while staring dazedly at the keyboard. Despite this traumatic end, his departure brought forth a general salvo of applause which threatened not to end before Liszt returned for an encore.

Alas, the Master did not reappear. In the weeks following the performance there was rampant speculation in the press about how exactly Liszt had performed the piece. Others thought that Liszt had used one or both of his feet to aid him. However, as the press investigated further none of these theories held water.

Personal acquaintances revealed that Von Hagn had no experience at the piano, so she could not have significantly added to the performance, and a careful examination of all eyewitness accounts made it clear that she had two able arms and Liszt kept his feet firmly planted on the ground for the entire performance. Moreover, the theater managers revealed Liszt had handpicked the seating for the front rows of the hall that evening, so he must have known none of his rivals were in attendance.

And this would still be the case if it were not for a scrappy young biologist who, while travelling through Argentina on a field expedition, befriended a wealthy German-Argentine land owner that also happened to be a great-great-grandson of Liszt. However, he also showed it was possible to play with a semi-dexterous waist-high appendage, though its dimensions would have to be ample to generate the force required by the score. Who was that biologist? No, dear reader, you flatter me, but it was not I.

This was the work of Dr. Also, your wife Florence really wishes she could know where you are—no woman is more faithful than Flo Everhard! Lately, however, I have begun to wonder whether this wall of silence is still necessary for our continued safety. For far too long have we had our head buried in the sand. It is time that PRIC emerged tall and proud, and thrust itself firmly back into the public eye. Remember the creed of our brotherhood: semper valorosus, semper fortis, semper rigidus—always brave, always strong, always hard!

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Grand Galop Chromatique (Liszt)

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Liszt: Grand Galop Chromatique



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