Start your review of The Strength Training Anatomy Workout Write a review Shelves: non-fiction , , sports-and-fitness When I first started working out several years ago, I started to learn about the muscles in my body. Weight training helped me connect the concept of "bicep" with the burning sensation I had after doing dumbbell curls. Which is why this book is such a great resource. There are three parts to this book. First, the authors discuss the whys and hows of strength training. I found When I first started working out several years ago, I started to learn about the muscles in my body.

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The Strength Training Anatomy Workout is your guide to creating the body and the results you want. Strengthen arms and legs; increase muscle mass; sculpt chest, back, and core; firm glutes; increase hip flexibility.

Over full-color illustrations allow you to get inside more than exercises and 50 workouts to see how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures. The Strength Training Anatomy Workout includes proven programming for strength, power, bodybuilding, and toning that can be used in a gym or at home. His previous publication, Strength Training Anatomy, has sold more than one million copies.

Delavier won the French powerlifting title in and makes annual presentations on the sport applications of biomechanics at conferences in Switzerland.

Delavier lives in Paris, France. Michael Gundill, MBA, has written 13 books on strength training, sport nutrition, and health.

His books have been translated into multiple languages, and he has written over articles for bodybuilding and fitness magazines around the world, including Iron Man and Dirty Dieting.

Gundill started weightlifting in in order to improve his rowing performances. Most of his training years were spent completing specific lifting programs in his home.

As he gained muscle and refined his program, he began to learn more about physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics and started studying those subjects in medical journals. Since he has been writing about his discoveries in various bodybuilding and fitness magazines all over the world.


Strength Training Anatomy Workout, The

Nov 27, Patricia rated it it was amazing I won this beautifully written and illustrated book from Goodreads Giveaway. It came with a letter from the authors. The exercises are doable. I let my daughter use it as well.

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