The author, as counsel to the Reece Committee, which investigated foundations for the last Republican Congress, gained a unique insight into the inner workings of the various Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford-created giants. He also witnessed the intense and powerful opposition to any investigation of these multi-billion-dollar public trusts. The Reece investigation was virtually hamstrung from the start to its early demise- which was aided and abetted by leading newspaper of the country. Wormser, "that some of the great foundations which have done so much for us in some fields have acted tragically against the public interest in others, but the facts are there for the unprejudiced to recognize. When there is like-mindedness among a group of these giants, which apparently is due to the existence of a closely knit group of professional administrators in the social science field, the power is magnified hugely. When such foundations do good, they justify the tax-exempt status which the people grant them.

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Megal These distinctions come often from re- search and writing. The plain, sim- ple fact is that the so-called t liberal n movement in the United States has captured most of the major foundations and has done so chiefly through the professional administrator class, which has not hesitated to use these great public trust funds to political ends and with bias.

The aggregate power involved in Such a concentration gives us concern. Foundations: Their Power and Influence An interdependent world is being forced to an awareness of the limitations of individual freedom and personal foundafions. The IPR probably had more to do than any other single factor with conditioning our people to abandon the mainland of China to the Communists. The possibility exists that at all times in any of these organizations that the people in charge thereof become convinced that there is one way to do a job in the social science fieldand that only this zoay will get their support.

In education, it had created methods fuondations teaching and institutions of learning unexcelled at the time and exemplary even today.

It is these man- agers who are responsible for foundation performance. At the same time, it retained voting control of the company and had the satisfaction of knowing that even the nonvoting stock was in friendly hands. Gaither was on weak ground, however, if he sought to prove the relative unimportance of foundations through financial comparison with other philanthropic media.

The generally accepted practice of matched grants multiplies the impact of foun- dation giving. As indicated by their arrogance foundatlons dealing wormsrr this Committee, the major foundations and their associated intermediary organizations have intrenched themselves behind a totality of power which presumes to place them beyond serious criticism and attack. The Com- missioner of Internal Revenue so testified, as would any expert in estate and business planning.

In the corporate mechanics of the foundations he sees one of the most menacing trends resulting from the social patterns of an age controlled by organization bureaucrats.

If New York had not given them what they wanted they would have passed along from State to State until they found a corporate habitation on their own terms, without in the least interfering with their oper- ating wherever they chose. We knew that many prominent educators, regardless of what they felt, could not be unmindful of the dependency of their institutions upon continued largess from the foundations involved. Even its predecessor, the Cox Committee, had such evidence.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser I am suggesting that scientific, technical, and financial facilities are such in this country as to encourage a great number wotmser mediocrities to go into science, and to seduce even those with creative talent and imagination to a mistaken view of the nature of the scientific enterprise.

Rocke- feller, his son, and whomsoever they may appoint as their successors. Looking at them together, one is impressed with their lack foundationw consistency, and this is no wonder. Certainly there could have been no intention to prohibit all propaganda, as that would have constituted an attack on the churches, which are entitled to engage in religious propaganda.

Research in the social sciences plays a key part in the evolution of our society. But the cooperation among the managers within the foundation complex does not favor the nonconformist. Professor Rippey was in- censed at the extent to which decisions of vital importance were left to foundation bureaucrats, and expressed this opinion of them: When the Ottoman Empire fell, two thirds of all real property in its domains was owned by re- ligious foundations.

There is a mass of evidence to indicate the close working-together to which the SSRC report quoted above alluded. Wormser Earth Emperor Foundatinos difficult and obscure problem, I shall leave to the philosophers and jurists. It would seem apparent, therefore, that the advocacy of such change, having es- sential political implications, is not a proper field for a foundation whose tax exemption is granted by the grace of the entire public. The far-reaching power of the large foundations and of the interlock, has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices to get into news channels without having first wormesr distorted, slanted, discredited, and at times ridiculed.

Simi- larly, the National Science Foundation, an agency of the U. And I will say frankly it is to impress Congress as well as the American people; to im- press public opinion as much as possible. Its report discloses one of its purposes: It has been stated that, unlike colleges and universities, foundations have no alumni to defend them. The symbol of academic prestige is not necessarily an evidence of learning or of sound social judgment.

Covenant House Books, cviii 2. But among this minority are to be found some of the wealthiest and some of the oldest endowments. Open Preview See a Problem? The Nobel prize, as well as the Stalin prize, illustrate this method of publicity-producing giving. Bryson marked it as to-read Aug 27, The answer, in the case of The Rockefeller Foundation, must be that its trustees were not fully aware of what was happening. Carr is quoted not to contest his point but to bring out that the change which he supports is clearly political.

The emphasis of the Reece Committee on the need for further study came from fokndations recognition of the existence of many more problems foundatiobs the ones it touched upon.

Trustees who direct great foundatons would never sanction methods of this kind in their own organizations. Unlike the power of corporate management, it is unchecked by stockholders; un- like the power of government, it is unchecked by the people; un- like the power of churches, it is unchecked by any firmly es- tablished canons of value.

The geographical location of the majority of foundation trustees was of small consequence. Of this sum, the activities fkundations by Dr. TOP Related Posts.


Foundations Their Power And Influence By Rene A Wormse



Foundations: Their Power and Influence


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Foundations -Their Power and Influence, by Rene A. Wormser


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