The equipment used today is safe, but every year, hundreds of employees are injured or die as a result of improper use. Knowledge and precautions can prevent fires and violent explosions. Gas Pressure: One cause of fires and explosions is high acetylene pressure. When more than 15 pounds of pressure is used, acetylene becomes unstable and decomposes explosively.

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Practical Examples Applications WITT products are always in great demand due to their high precision, reliability and usability: In food, beverage and steel industries, medicine, glass making, laser technology, diving and many other applications.

Food Industry WITT offers specific devices and systems for the mixing, metering and analysing of gases for every type of packaging machine that is used in the food industry.

Glass Industry Special WITT gas mixing systems guarantee absolute repeatability of defined gas mixtures, resulting in improved quality control, improved production volumes and reductions in gas consumption and set-up time. Medical Applications WITT gas mixers and analysers are established internationally and are characterised by a high safety standard, intuitive handling, low investment and maintenance cost and easy integration.

Thermal Processing WITT furnace treatment systems can be designed to match your specific process parameters and requirements. Laser technology WITT gas mixers guarantee optimum laser performance. Helium Leak Test WITT provides the technological heart of helium leak testing systems and combines gas mixing, metering and analysing systems.

Biogas Many major providers and operators of biogas plants throughout the world are already utilising WITT gas safety equipment. Hydrogen Applications WITT offers special gas technology solutions for the use of hydrogen as energy of the future.

Costumer Designed Solutions Besides offering a wide range of standard equipment, WITT can meet a wide variety of specific needs in the field of gas and safety equipment. Practical Examples.


Flashback Arrestors

Nineteenth century examples of dry and wet types of flashback arrestors, for use with oxy-hydrogen. Flashback arrestors with different size and flow rate, and different connections A flashback arrestor or flash arrestor is a gas safety device most commonly used in oxy-fuel welding and cutting to stop the flame or reverse flow of gas back up into the equipment or supply line. It protects the user and equipment from damage or explosions. These devices are mainly used in industrial processes where oxy-fuel gas mixtures are handled and used. Flashback arrestors as safety products are essential to secure the workplaces and working environment. In former times wet flashback arrestors were also used.


Flashback Arrestors / Flame Arrestors

Fuel gases should not be used unless proper safety procedures have been understood and applied. Through the combination of established safety elements, flashback arrestors provide protection against flashbacks and backfire. The main reasons for flashbacks and backfire Very often the main reasons for flashbacks and backfire: faulty torch assemblies and incorrect gas pressures being used. In a backfire the flame burns back into the torch with a cracking sound. Either the flame is extinguished, or it is reignited at the nozzle opening.

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