Tegami There were even times when I cried. It was — as I saw someone comment — an emotional roller-coaster! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The way the whole story was written was just beautiful. No but really i thought this story was Beautiful, Happy, Sad and pretty much every emotion you could think of at the same time.

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May 09, Mickey rated it it was amazing I fell in love with this book at first read. All aspects of this book was beautiful and perfect. The characters were all developed with emotional insight ,personality and color.

The lead female character is strong and independent. She is not like a lot of current female characters in current books e. This book is a MUST read! Admittedly, a lot of the language was too dramatic for my taste some descriptive phrases disrupted the flow and jerked me out of the story , but I was able to adjust to it.

I would love to read an edited version, something a little more grounded. Which is sort of a strange thing to wish for, given the nature of the plot. If I had to choose one book from wattpad to be published and bought by millions, it would definitely be this book. With that said, I cannot wait for any other reads by this incredible author. And when the book was finished, I check up on more of her works. And she is simply amazing. The world that Monica created was totally captivating and enticing, cold ans warm at the same time.

The story was beautiful and magical.

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Voodoonos Mar 29, Rachel rated it really liked it. I have never been to the circus, only seen them on TV and in movies. With that said, I cannot wait for any other reads by this incredible author. The title should be at least 4 characters long.


Finvarra's Circus


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