Save the file. This usually goes into the Downloads folder on your computer. If not, save to a location you can easily find. When the file is imported into EndNote Online you will need to choose a filter to allow the import to occur. This filter applies to the database you used or the file type downloaded.

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Onyen log-in is required when you select the first resource. Off Campus Access: Always use links from Library websites. Report an off-campus access or hospital access problem. Conduct a search in PubMed. Check the boxes next to articles for the citations you wish to download. You can do this by selecting Clipboard from the Send to menu. If you do this, a Clipboard icon and the number of items on the Clipboard will be displayed at the upper right of the page.

To view the items on your Clipboard, click on the items link next to the Clipboard icon. Once you are ready to export your results, click the Send to menu at the upper right corner of your results or Clipboard. Select Citation manager. Then, click the Create File button. A dialog box will appear prompting you to either "Open" or "Save" the text file that you are creating. Choose the Open with radio button and select EndNote from the drop-down menu. If you do not see EndNote on the dropdown shortlist, select Other and choose EndNote from the options provided.

Then, click OK. Your citations will automatically appear in your EndNote library. If you do not already have EndNote open, your computer will open your EndNote library.

Important: Check all citations for accuracy prior to sorting into groups. If the Fast and Easy method does not work, then use this Tried-and-True method. Choose the Save File button. Then click OK. The file will be saved to your computer; note where the file is saved so you will be able to find it in the next step.

You have successfully exported your citations out of PubMed and are ready to import them into EndNote. The Import File dialog box will appear. Click on Choose and select the file you just saved from PubMed. Under Import Option, click Other Filters. This will take you to the Choose an Import Filter dialog box. Click Choose. This will take you back to the Import File dialog box. Under Duplicates, it is recommended that you select Discard Duplicates from the drop-down menu. This will import all references except duplicates.

Click on Import when you have finished. Your references from PubMed should now be in your Endnote library.


EndNote for PC

If you are using the new PubMed and would like to know how to export references from New PubMed to EndNote, please follow the instructions below. Perform a search. On the search results page, you have three options to choose from to export references into EndNote: Click Save on the top and choose All results on the page to export. Click Save on the top and choose All results. Note: The first 10, references will be exported in a RIS file. The RIS file will be automatically placed at the lower left corner. If that is not your desired library, you need to choose your desired library beforehand.


how to import ALL references from databases??

Health Care clinicians and employees. Click on Downloads Login with your username and password. These two files must be together in the same folder for the installation to run without asking for a product key. If you are given a zipped file containing these two files, as in the example file shown below, you will need to extract them from the zipped file before running the installer.


EndNote Downloads

Choose the PDF you want to import. Press Import. Edit the reference to add any missing information. Importing References from databases subscribed to by the University of Leicester Here are the service providers and databases that you will need to select in order to import references from the following databases and e-journals: America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts EBSCO Conduct your search. Click on Add to folder. Click on Folder to display references in the folder.

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