Zologal People used to have time for things, people used to care, people used to have pride. Tanizaki makes a valid case when he asserts how in order to survive in this transforming cultural avenues, the conventional cultural norms could be well followed if one lived in solitude away from the nitty-gritty of the city life. Sound is good, but too much of it is deafening. Open Preview See a Problem? Out beyond the sitting room, which the rays of tanizqki sun at best can but barely reach, we extend the eaves or build eloguo veranda, putting the sunlight at still greater a remove. He begins his essay with an example I can totally relate to.

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Arashilkis View all 44 comments. The beauty of the moon is at its best at the darkest of the night. So much space beholding the magnificence of a dim light on a particular spot, barely illuminating the serene twilight that those walls are made of. View all 6 comments.

True, this work is obscenely short and my still ongoing effort to destabilize my Most Read Authors tower biases my direction in a predictable fashion, but all I can think of is how I regret not having more Tanizaki on hand. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Out beyond the sitting room, which the rays of the sun at best can but barely reach, we extend the eaves or build a veranda, putting the sunlight at still greater a remove. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The particular beauty of a candle emanating a delicate brilliance that timidly embellish a silent room.

We never tire of the sight, for to us this pale glow and these dim shadows far surpass any ornament. La parte de los retretes es bastante chistoso. En este libro Tanizaki nos lleva por los caminos de las sombras. Apr 03, George K. Gold is garish under the glare of harsh lights, but in a dim room it beautifully reflects the little light that is there. In Praise of Shadows.

I guess you could look at this as an anti-modernist book, that floats with a poetic language over a range of things in a beautiful and evocative way. Mariana si lo pondre en circulacion, estaba pensando en enviarselo a Akahige, mandame tu dire por privado View all 36 comments.

The peculiarity of shadows through which the beauty of an object excels seems to be diminishing with the onset of modern times. Ranging from toilets to hospitals, dd architecture to paper, from writing and eating utensils to cuisine and sweets, from theater to feminine beauty, Tanizaki meditates on the differences, as he sees them, between East and West — subdued, tarnished, natural versus bright, polished, artificial; the cloudy translucence of jade versus the brilliant sparkle of diamond; the flickering half-light of the candle versus the steady glare of electric light.

In this dimness, its simplicity and its natural atnizaki, slowly gathering oily grime and wearing away and thereby growing ever more beautifulmake sense; they provide the balance and poetry lx mystery that make the quotidian details of life so pleasurable.

Another common experience is sadness as an enjoyable al is superseded. El elogio de la sombra E comparar eoogio retretes orientais com as ocidentais. We do our walls in neutral colors so that the sad, fragile, dying rays can sink into absolute repose. To ask other readers questions about El elogio de la sombraplease sign up.

From the designs of temples and how the architec A beautiful little essay that I certainly enjoyed more than I thought I would. Every time I am shown to an old, dimly lit, and, I would add, impeccably clean toilet in a Nara or Kyoto temple, I am impressed with the singular virtues of Japanese architecture. The hue may differ from room to room, but the degree of difference will be ever so slight; not so much a difference in color as in shade, a difference that will seem to exist only in the mood of the viewer.

English, in the early 19th century, controversial till much later on. In addition to contrasting light and dark, Tanizaki further considers the layered tones of various kinds of shadows and their power to ee low sheen materials like gold embroidery, patina and cloudy crystals. Hay una parte que tqnizaki del color de piel, de la cual no estoy nada de acuerdo. In Praise of Shadows — Wikipedia An almost imperceptible line between an extremely refine taste and the subtlety of irony.

Contrasting issues as different as toilet plumbing, domestic architecture, cosmetics, theater and drama, lacquer ware and gold ware, and interior i The prolific Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki published this extended essay on esthetics inand the issues he addresses range widely. The parlor may have its charms, but the Japanese toilet truly is a place of spiritual repose.

And so it has come to be that the beauty of a Japanese room depends on a variation of shadows, heavy shadows against light shadows — it has nothing else The sound of the rain playing gently with the dusky light of a candle.

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‘El elogio de la sombra’, de Junichiro Tanizaki



El elogio de la sombra, de Junichirô Tanizaki


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