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Now, the unrivaled master of adventure returns with the eagerly awaited sequel to his thrilling Egyptian series with his most fantastic story yet. The Quest continues the story of the Warlock, Taita, wise in the lore of the gods and a master of magic and the supernatural. Egypt has been struck by a series of terrible plagues, killing its crops and Rating: 3. Egypt has been struck by a series of terrible plagues, killing its crops and crippling its people.

Then the ultimate disaster befalls the kingdom. The Nile fails. The waters that nourish and sustain the land dry up.

Something catastrophic is taking place in the distant and totally unexplored depths of Africa, from where the mighty river springs. In desperation the Pharaoh sends Taita, the only man who might be able to find his way through the hazardous territory to the source of the Nile and discover the cause of all their woes.

But not even Taita can have any idea of what a terrible enemy waits in ambush in those dark lands at the end of their world. No other author can conjure up the violence and mystery of Ancient Egypt like Wilbur Smith. A eunuch is de-eunuched supernaturally to make the beast with two backs with a young reincarnated version of his long-dead love. I am not, however, comfortable with it, and it significantly clouded my enjoyment of the exciting, adventurous, and action-packed Wilbur Smith novel surrounding it.

It was almost an afterthought, and it should have been a centerpiece. On balance, the Smith novel aspects are redeeming only to a middling extent.

I loved Warlock, and I loved the manner with which the supernatural was dealt; it could be real, but it could also be coincidence and natural phenomena that the people of those times would interpret as real. However, The Quest treats magic as totally real and goes into far fetched stuff like astral projection and talking in each others minds.

The Big Bad is built up constantly through the book only for him to beat her in two pages. The likable characters from Warlock made only brief appearances, Taita moaned and whinged his way through it and Fenn was by turns sickeningly innocent and irritatingly sluttish.

Everything seemed very neat; Taita no longer a eunach, Lostris no longer dead, yawn yawn yawn. The mystical elements, while out of place, were hardly the most jarring aspects of the story. Where prior books in the sequence required genuine sacrifices of the main characters, this tale never asks the characters to make difficult choices.

Moreover, sacrifices made in earlier books are undone and the main characters receive their every desire. Stories can, of course, end with the characters achieving their dreams and living "happily ever after," but in order to be dramatically satisfying, the characters always show evidence of personal growth and their dreams change as they mature.


el soberano del nilo wilbur smith



El soberano del Nilo de Wilbur Smith



El Soberano del Nilo


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