His latest entrant in the field is the diminutive watt Tweaker head and X 1x12 cabinet. Almost every company out there, from boutique to budget outfits, has a pint-sized tube amp—everything from simple-and-sweet designs to heads that cram more knobs and mini-toggles than you thought possible onto a miniscule chassis. Egnater Amplification has already made its mark in the crowded niche with its popular Rebel 20 and Rebel 30 models—which allow you to morph between 6V6- and ELpowered tones—but the company has found another way to wow us with the new Tweaker which is also available as a 1x12 combo. Instead, it comes from sheer bang for buck. The Tweaker is powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes—which is a welcome change for those who feel pip-squeak-sized amps too often skew toward EL84s.

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Pros Looks. Astounding value for money. Image 1 of 4 The baskey-weave grille with gold piping gives the tweaker a classy look well beyond its price tag.

Egnater Tweaker Head The Tweaker offers a range of sounds move diverse than its compact control panel suggests. Egnater Tweaker Head The Tweaker can handle two extension cabs to fill out your sound. The amp chassis is a solid steel box with spot-welded corners and more ventilation slots. These hold all the valve bases as well as the front and rear panel components.

The layout is neat and tidy and the components are of a very high standard. Operationally, the Tweaker appears at first glance to be a simple one-channel design, with controls for gain, three-band EQ and master volume.

However, the five small switches on the front panel hold the keys to a vastly expanded tonal palette. The Tweaker is one of those products. My original idea was to have little plug-in modules - called Tweakards - that would change the tone, gain, EQ and so on. Because I think like a guitar-playing engineer, I have a tendency to overcomplicate things. One of our design team asked if we could just put those Tweakard functions on toggle switches. This was an obvious, ingenious idea so we did it.

The tight switch cuts some of the deep bass out at the beginning of the preamp. In vintage mode the power amp is basically flat - not in a bad way - while the modern setting bumps up the low and high-end for a little fuller, clearer tone.

The gain switch offers a wide range of clean to mildly overdriven sounds in its clean position, while flipping to hot adds significant extra distortion that sounds fantastic for classic rock or metal, even with a relatively low output guitar.

This is pointed out in the manual - which is to be commended for its informative approach. Nevertheless, each design is created to have what we hope is a unique voice of its own. Most Popular Most Shared 1.


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