The first six books in the series were reprinted in a uniform, archival series from Gregg Press , and were the first hardback editions of all these books save The Swords of Lankhmar. In , Fafhrd and the Mouser began their comics career, appearing in Wonder Woman alongside the title character and Catwoman in a story scripted by award-winning SF writer Samuel R. This series was collected by Dark Horse Comics in a trade paperback collection published in June Mignola also did the jacket covers and interior art for the White Wolf collection.

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For one thing, the writing has a lot more flavor than I expected from its usually very minimalist author. More importantly, the gameplay feels different.

While earlier books have set two relatively evenly-matched teams with similar goals against one another, this one instead gives one player control of heroes on a quest while forcing the other player to try to guess the location of the heroes in order to block their path with villainous foes. Whenever one set of bad guys is defeated, another one takes their place, and whenever the villains fail to locate the heroes, bad things tend to happen to them.

This is actually entertainingly cartoony in feel. Had I played this in person rather than by e-mail, I would certainly have yelled "curses, foiled again! Yes, I admit that I am a ham. The adventure is quite well-done, with interesting encounters on the quest to find the sword or kill those seeking it. The only problem I have with it is that things are horribly unbalanced when it comes to the players gaining allies. The assassins, meanwhile, have quite a few chances to add allies to their ranks.

If you can get past that, though, this is easily one of the best 1 on 1 games you can get. I agree with Demian in that the writing seems to be more fleshed out and sharper. By using characters we already know, it takes pressure off the writer. Here, he just writes the story, instead of creating the entire gamebook from scratch.

It seems to be a good method, because Dragonsword of Lankhmar is far better than the first 4 in this series!


Item - Dragonsword of Lankhmar



Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser


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