Detailed Description Strings violin Opp. Composed by Demetrius Constantine Dounis. Perfect - A Hinge". Back To School.

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Dounis Op. I: First or E string. II; Third or D string. IV: Fourth or G string. Vi Up-bow. Fig, ID. The whole notes should be held down firmly. In a one finger only is moving. Let the fingers fall upon thg strings in an elastic and abrupt way.. At the moment of passing from one position to another press the sliding Fingers on the strings with great force.

Make the sliding very slow and try to connect the preceding group of fingers with the next one as thoroughly and a smoothly as possible Bow evenly; divide the bow in as many equal parts as there are notes in the same bow The following exercise is specially composed fo overcome that difficulty by scientifically training the two groups of fingers mentioned above, in the correct placing, both in ascending and descending passages.

Aim at attaining the utmost perfection in the simultaneous movement of the second and fourth fingers. The greatest care should be exercised in bringing out the subtle al torations in tone color in the enharmonic changes. Shifting should never have any effect on the evenness of the bow stroke; the bowing should give the same impression as if the notes were played.

Practise in a new key every day. All variants should be pfactised al the nut of the bow. Practise one varient a day. Repeat four times. Practise one variant a day. Accent sharply the staccato notes and observe a slight pause after each staccato note. Practice one variant a day. The detached note in variant Shout be played atthe mute hebow using very litle bows the remaining threw staccato oten should be played the pointfthsbov. Accentuate every note ds indicated by imparting added pressure te the bow for each note.

Do-notstop the bow there thould be ne pause between the notesss Practise. Repeat exch bar twice. Prative as slowly and as loudly as possible The intensity of the tone of the whole notes should not be lessenedjnor there should be any break inthe tone while playing the accompanying eighth notes Accent the eighth notes and pla them very broadly Repeat every two bars twice.. Th siring sol be plaind with ho Fags evi and with great strength.


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The Artist's Technique of Violin Playing (Dounis, Demetrius Constantine)


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