Functionality improvements of the increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications. Please note the time setting for the time frame is equivalent to data update rate x AVG number setting. When line filter is enabled, the measured value will not include high frequency content, such as the high frequency noise of a switching converter. The offers three sets of line filter with cutoff frequency: OFF, Hz and 5. The line filter with 5. It is suggested to turn this filter on when measuring harmonics.

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Instead of traditional analog measurement circuits the uses state-of-the-art DSP digitizing technology. The instruments include a four part display with 7-segment LED front panel readouts.

Users can easily select desired parameters and readouts at a touch of a button. The is packaged in a 2U high, half rack enclosure suitable for benchtop or system integration. The Model includes simple measurement functions designed for low power applications maximum current 2A.

A simple Average method can provide a visual stable value but it still may lose some transient data. A Window Mode method that calculates all data within the user-defined window time is recommended.

An accumulated energy approach method i. Integration method for power measurement is also provided. The Model also provides a function to define a user-specify distortion order n for measuring harmonic distortion. Users can set a current level for triggering the starting point of measurement.

Another parameter, Delay, it can help users to ignore the peak value B after the trigger point A. The parameter, T, can let users set a time period for measuring the peak value C during Time T.

The Recording function lets users save data to a file for long time measurement. So, it is easy to meet ENERGY STAR measurement requirement that accumulating true power values at an interval of 1 reading per second and record the average arithmetic mean value observed during 5 minute period.

This software also can do pre-compliance test for standard IEC current harmonic limitation. Users can set the loading and test steps on the software. After finishing the test, it will generate the result and testing report. Related Products.


Chroma 66201 Digital Power Meter



Chroma 66201 Digital Power Meter


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