Akibei At other times, a relevant memory has simply been forgotten. The unsolved murders makes the small community of Blackwater infamous, bringing it a lot of outside interest but has negative affects on its residents. Kerstin Ekman wrote Blackwater from the point of view of three main characters and I really felt like I could backwater to the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of three distinct individuals throughout. The teenage boy gets stuck down a well Like the Magus with cold weather.

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Blackwater moves back and forth in time between past and present, and recreates events. What does this narrative structure reveal about the nature of memory? Critics have noted that this novel diverges from the crime or mystery genre.

Would you agree? In what respects might it diverge? What does the element of murder add? Can you imagine this novel without the central mystery? The novel touches upon environmental issues of clear cutting, uranium mining, and the international underground trade in peregrine hunting.

How do these issues deepen our underground trade in peregrine hunting. How do these issues deepen our understanding of place? What sort of character is place in this novel? How is human nature revealed to be similar to the natural world? At one point, Annie says, "Why do we keep looking for meaning and connections?

Yet we scatter our lives, helplessly and absently. What other themes of alienation run through the book? When Johan is trapped at the bottom of the well, he finds his only companion is an eel, which later becomes his pet. How does the relationship with this animal humanize Johan in a way that human relationships cannot?

Can you think of other examples where animals play such a role? When Annie decided to move to the rustic commune, she had lost her teaching job, and desired a simpler life. Aside from the murder scene she encounters, what sort of complications does she face as a result of her decision?

Is her life truly simpler? Blackwater takes place near the border between Sweden and Norway. Many figurative borderlines come into play as the novel progresses. Which are the most important? The setting of the novel is unfamiliar to most English-language readers.

How does the exotic locale influence our experience of reading? Do we ever find ourselves at home in this strange land? Are there any other instances of such crucial absence in the book? How is the relationship between Annie and Mia affected by the memory of the murders? What other sorts of intimacy are affected? Can we draw any universal knowledge about the nature of evil and its effects from witnessing the relationships between characters as they unfold?

Blackwater Publication Date: December 15, Paperback: pages.




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