The law is the will of Mata Nui. Break that law and only the Pit will welcome you. Will you let him go He became a member of the Order of Mata Nui , transporting the threats of the universe to the Pit. He was given the job of transporting criminals, threats, traitors, and enemies to the pit.

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He was also known to act as a courier, transporting items and beings to the locations they were needed. While Toa Lhikan and Turaga Dume attempted to determine a fitting punishment for the rogue Toa, Botar used a Kanohi Olmak to transport her to a pocket dimension and obtain a decoy Tuyet from an alternate universe, whom he placed within the Pit. Botar complied, and transported it to the island of Xia as his version of a joke. Botar arrived and claimed the staff, staying long enough to nod his thanks to his former teammate before disappearing.

Botar was later dispatched to retrieve Brutaka from the Pit. Botar transported Brutaka to Daxia, where he was fitted with a breathing apparatus and given the potentially suicidal mission to lead a team of villains to rescue Makuta Miserix. After the Toa Nuva completed their list of tasks needed to awaken Mata Nui, Botar retrieved them all and brought them to Daxia, where they witnessed the use of the Staff of Artakha that restored the Matoran Universe to its former state.

The two members purchased the weapons on Xia , then took them to a small, wooded island near the Southern Continent for Brutaka and his team to retrieve. However, Makuta Icarax noted the purchases, followed the pair, and attacked them.

Occasionally, he would show a sense of humor, such as teleporting a Tahtorak to Xia. Besides his frightening looks, Botar is known for his pure black and white view of the world, his single-minded devotion to his job, and his long list of successes, having never failed to deliver his captives to the Pit.

Botar can teleport himself and his captives almost anywhere within the Matoran Universe, including places where he had not been before, a power shared by all members of his race. Botar also knows where he is needed, and when. If someone or something that needed to be teleported elsewhere was in the hands of an ally, Botar would appear there without fail.

Botar can bind his opponents with tendrils of energy, which he did to the six Barraki when he took them to the Pit. He also has the ability to use Kanohi, though he does not need to wear one. Tools Botar has large blades on both arms and was also seen carrying a double bladed axe weapon, all made of Protosteel.

He wielded his enigmatic axe-like weapon in this set.


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