Dulabar Correspondingly the couplings are available in varying sizes ranging from mm diameter to mm diameter. Designed to Carry the Pay load. Bibby couplings can be used for applications with powers varying from as low as 1 h. The selection of the Bibby coupling is mainly based couplkng the torque being transmitted by the coupling. Each coupling has a characteristic value for the torque transmitted by it to the revolutions per minute of the coupling. It is necessary for the user to ensure that both axial and radial misalignments are kept to the minimum possible.

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The Taper grid is made of specially rolled high tensile taper section alloy spring steel material with particular technical care in shape formation, followed by hardening and tempering by controlled process. The unique design of hub teeth profile facilitates the gentle insertion of the taper grid into the taper grooves on the hub periphery during installation and maintenance.

Thus, it gives long life in transmitting progressive load under torsional shock condition. Flexi Disc Couplings The Wellman Flexi-disc Coupling is torsionally rigid with zero backlash ideal for use as non-lubricated couplings for Pumps, compressors, fans, Turbines, Blowers and other rotating equipments.

It transmits mechanical power to driven machines through shaft mounted hubs connected by the coupling and flexible disk packs. Both angular and axial misalignments are accommodated by the flexible disc packs. The unique Hub teeth are designed with crowned tooth formation on three surfaces-tip flank and root to cause maximum contact at the strongest part of the tooth and to accommodate shaft misalignment.

Cardan Couplings In systems where the drive and driven shafts are apart from each other, an interconnecting cardan shaft is used with either gear couplings or resilient couplings at both ends. A unique combination of Resilient and Gear coupling at either end of the Cardan Shaft can also be designed, where the gear side accommodates the misalignment and the resilient side absorbs the torsional vibrations. Cardan Couplings are especially useful from the maintenance point of view, since foundations need not be disturbed in case of removal or replacement of couplings.

Pin Bush Couplings The Wellman Bush type Flexible Coupling is of the cushioned drive type, transmitting the torque through high tensile steel bolts to the machine input. Highly developed rubber compounds are used in bushes to absorb shock, tensional vibrations and slight misalignments. Simple and compact in construction, Wellman Pin Bush Couplings are capable of transmitting high torques at maximum speeds.

The flanges are manufactured from cast iron I. This type of coupling permits drives in either direction and requires neither lubrication, nor adjustment after fitting. The flexible bushes remain unaffected by water, dust and atmospheric conditions. Torque Limiters The Wellman torque limiter can be installed in any drive system to safeguard against sudden surges or gradual build up of torque. They ensure disengagement of the drive on overload, leaving the flange jaws free to rotate on the bearings.

They drastically cut costs and save money, as the initial outlay is normally more than covered by saving of down time during the first overload.



The selection of the Bibby coupling is mainly based on the torque being transmitted by the coupling. Solutions for the Power Generation Market. High Performance Disc Couplings. What are Bibby Couplings? Let us now look at the constructional features of the coupling. The stiffness of the spring depends on its unsupported length of each of its flexible span. The specially designed spring is wound up through the grooves forming a series of resilient bridges throughout the periphery of the coupling.


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