Fenrile Vicki is diagnosed with lung cancer and decides to go away for the summer to get her chemo. I love this author and I appreciate her hilderbran for exactly what it is. The books ending, too, feels awfully neat and rushed: I can always count on her books to be the escape to Nantucket I often need but never actually do. Please review your cart. I never fail to shed a few tears when reading any novel by EH. Vicki beat cancer, Mel This book was horrible.

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It sounded like the start of a joke. Joshua Flynn, age twenty-two, native of Nantucket Island, senior at Middlebury College, summer employee of the Nantucket Memorial Airport, where his father was an air traffic controller, noticed the women immediately.

The hair on your arms will stand up, Chas Gorda promised. Josh checked his forearms-nothing-and tugged at his fluorescent orange vest. He approached the plane to help Carlo unload the luggage. Two of the women stood on the tarmac. Josh could tell they were sisters.

Sister One was very thin with long light-brown hair that blew all over the place in the breeze; she had a pointy nose, blue eyes, and she was visibly unhappy. Her forehead was as scrunched and wrinkled as one of those funny Chinese dogs. She blinked a lot, like she was about to cry. She was heavier than her sister, and her hair, cut bluntly to her shoulders, was a Scandinavian blond.

She carried a fl oral-print bag bursting with diapers and a colorful set of plastic keys; she was taking deep, exaggerated breaths, as though the flight had just scared her to death. The third woman teetered at the top of the steps with a baby in her arms and a little boy of about four peeking around her legs.

She had a pretty, round face and corkscrew curls that peeked out from underneath a straw hat. She was wearing jeans with muddy knees and a pair of rubber clogs. The sisters waited at the bottom of the stairs for this third woman to descend. Heavy-breathing Sister reached out for the baby, shaking the keys. She was two steps from the ground when the little boy behind her shouted, "Auntie Brenda, here I come!

He was aiming for Scowling Sister, but in his excitement, he hurtled his forty-some pound body into the back of Straw Hat, who went sprawling onto the tarmac with the baby. She dropped the diaper bag and raced toward Straw Hat. Neck broken. But then-a cry! The baby had merely been sucking in air, released now in heroic tones. The baby was alive! Heavy-breathing Sister took the baby and studied him for obvious injury, then shushed him against her shoulder.

Scowling Sister approached with the perpetrator of the crime, older brother, clinging to her legs. Her expression shifted from impatient to impatient and concerned.

Are you okay? Do you feel okay? He picked it up, and the air-sickness bag as well. She put a hand to her cheek, and the other hand massaged her stomach. Thank you, though. You could have hurt Melanie. You have to be careful. This was not joke material. The three women, collectively, were the most miserable-looking people Josh had ever seen.

He should just tend to the bags; his father would be watching. Scowling Sister rolled her eyes. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc.

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