E-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. These guidelines are intended to serve as a reference source for research scientists, registered medical practitioners, manufacturers, and health authorities. However, the proposed guidelines seem to have been drawn up on the basis of Western biomedical approaches, including randomized controlled trials, as necessary evidence. They appear to be largely based on the standard GCP guidelines previously proposed by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization[ 3 ] and need more attention to the special needs of the ASU sector.

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Swift Reminiscence 1. In clinical trials, an untoward medical occurrence seemingly caused by overdosing, abuse dependence and interactions with other medicinal products is also considered as an ADR. They are dose dependent and are, therefore, readily reversible on reducing the dose or withdrawing the drug. The audit should also compare data on the Source Documents with the interim or final report. The Case Record Form should be in such a form and format that allows accurate input, presentation, verification, audit and inspection of the recorded data.

A CRF may be in printed or electronic format. Studies in this Phase of development usually have non-therapeutic objectives and may be conducted in healthy volunteers subjects or certain types of patients. Phase I trials should preferably be carried out with access to the necessary facilities to closely observe and monitor the Subjects.

These studies include both single and multiple dose administration. Such studies are generally performed in later Phases but may be appropriate when drug activity is readily measurable with a short duration of drug exposure in patients at this early stage. These studies should be intended to provide an adequate basis for marketing approval for ASU Drugs. Studies in Phase III may also further explore the dose-response relationships relationships among dose, and clinical response , use of the drug in wider populations in different stages of disease, or the safety and efficacy of the drug in combination with other drug s.

For not only have medical researchers questioned the process but some leading doctors have directly written to the Drug Controller of India to ban its use.

They may be of any type but should have valid scientific objectives. Measures to be implemented to ensure the safe handling and storage of theASU Medicine. System to be followed for labelling of the product s code numbering etc. However, all paediatric participants should be informed to the fullest extent possible about the study in a language and in terms that they are able to understand. Mature minors and adolescents should personally sign and date separately designed written assent form.


Ayurveda GCP Guidelines: Need for freedom from RCT ascendancy in favor of whole system approach



Regulation on AYUSH system of Good Clinical Practice Guidelines


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