A special attention is paid to the process of their establishment and evolvment. The game partner can become an exploiter the party who always betraysand the other becomes an exception the party who cooperates unconditionally. Alesina, Perotti define the successful fiscal adjustment as the situation in which an episode of very restrictive fiscal policy meets the following conditions: The scope of this paper is to identify the applied strategies for obtaining fiscal adjustment a reduction of the public deficit more than 1. Thus, we get classes of nearly homogeneous contracts. Market penetration current product -current market Market development existing product — new market.

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En consecuencia, como se establece en su apartado 3. Estructura de los presupuestos. Registro contable. Clasificaciones aplicables a las entidades locales de menos de 5. Las entidades locales de menos de 5. Desarrollo de competencias. Desarrollo normativo. Disposiciones final tercera. Entrada en vigor. Madrid, 3 de diciembre de Seguridad y movilidad ciudadana. Vivienda y urbanismo. Acceso a la vivienda. Bienestar comunitario.

Comprende todos los gastos relativos a actuaciones y servicios cuya finalidad es la mejora de la calidad de vida en general. Se tipifican seis grupos de programas: Limpieza viaria. Cementerios y servicios funerarios. Otros servicios de bienestar comunitario. Medio ambiente. Se tipifican cuatro grupos de programas: Parques y jardines. Otras actuaciones relacionadas con el medio ambiente. Pensiones graciables, mejoras de pensiones y pensiones extraordinarias a cargo de la Entidad local de funcionarios y personal laboral o sus derechohabientes y otros gastos de naturaleza similar.

Se tipifica un grupo de programas: Asistencia a personas dependientes. Fomento del empleo. Se tipifican dos grupos de programas: Hospitales, servicios asistenciales y centros de salud. Asimismo, se incluyen los gastos cuyo objeto sea la mejora del nivel educativo de los ciudadanos. Se tipifican cinco grupos de programas: Bibliotecas y Archivos. Ocio y tiempo libre. Fiestas populares y festejos. Instalaciones deportivas. Mejoras de las estructuras agropecuarias y de los sistemas productivos.

Desarrollo rural. Desarrollo empresarial. Otras actuaciones sectoriales. Se tipifican tres grupos de programas: Infraestructuras del transporte.


Agencia Estatal Boletín Oficial del Estado

Melmaran A special case is the Spa and Wellness tourism that in the past was promoted in the foreign markets, but due to the outdated material basis has become uncompetitive. We can say that the financial auditor prefers a computerized data collection system, because it is easier to test the accuracy of the database. Unique in their diversity, cooperative banks have proved that they have the capacity to meet the economic and social needs of the demographic, and of the regions, as well as the requirement to adapt and become actively involved in the development of the European Union. Thus if the bilateral price index is P, the chain system generates the following pattern of price levels for the first three periods: Cooperative banks are determined to continue to play an active part in European economic development.



A special attention is paid to the process of their establishment and evolvment. Ordin — [PDF Document] Thirdly, performance management requires meeting the necessities and expectations of all groups of people interested in the good functioning of cooperative banks. As regards Romania, the analysis of variables shows that: They are useful information for establishing the rate of return possible in the next period, so as to make comparisons in terms of existing opportunities at a time on the market and investment risks. Monitorul Oficial al Romniei, Partea I, nr.

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