Since Emmy is a human, how she can have a stamina like Dylan have? There should be a whole lot cause why Nicky done what he have to Dylan in the first place. Anyway, this story could have been better if it includes a whole lot of action and more plot. It is still an okay ine sitting read. This was the second book I have read by Ms. I loved it even more than the other book I read of hers.

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I loved this story, the first in Delilahs Night Fall series. I want to warn you up front, there is a cliffhanger of sorts but there is also a HFN happy for now. The ending left me wanting to read more but not so much feeling devastated because I have to wait to read more. The blurb for the book gives you the background for the story so I wont retell it here. Just know that if you love vampires and erotic romance you have to get this BBW, Vampires - this book is so hot it might set you on fire!

Just know that if you love vampires and erotic romance you have to get this book! The heat between Dylan and Emmie is off the charts. There is also suspense and intrigue which kept me thoroughly captivated by this book. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review but I loved it so much that I also bought a copy. Shelves: aad-featured-author-reviews-for-mid This was the second book I have read by Ms.

I loved it even more than the other book I read of hers. I was captivated from the beginning and laughed numerous times while reading. I picked this book up while it was on the amazon free list, a hell of a bargain for me! For example: "[He ripped the zipper down the rest of the way, then doubled over in pain.

Air left his lungs in a single strangled gust. Can I help? Her eyes were wide with concern. Are you all right? Can you breathe? I know the Heimlich. He reached for the edge of his desk to steady himself.

Gradually, the pain ebbed, and he straightened. Nervous laughter bubble. I meant CPR, not the Heimlich. I really enjoyed the dynamics of their meeting and the developing of their relationship. I completely loved Emmy and wish she was real because I would look her up and make her be my friend! I loved that the sex scenes were just like their character were; fun, random and a complete pleasure. The novel starts off with Emmy going to a club with her girl friend, becoming set up with a bad guy, almost gets killed by bad guy.

Emmy ends up picking Dylan out and tries to use him to get away from bad guy, not realizing that the two men actually know each other. Dylan and Emmy end up connecting immediately and they end up starting a bond. Lots of funny yet serious, tantalizing shenanigans ensue as Dylan tries to keep Emmy out of harms way while they further their relationship to include he tells her he is a vampire as well and eventually falling in love.

This was a wonderfully quick, but well paced roller coaster ride of a girl meeting and falling in love with a vampire.


All Hallows Heartbreaker (2000)

Loading… She is man handled by her friends new beau Nicky. Media All Hallows Heartbreaker. Did feel like there was stuff missing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. First Knight by Delilah Devlin. Mostly though we are given just enough about him to make us curious to know more beyond the typical alpha-male posturing he does.




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