Chat Transcript shreya : Sir, My performance so far has been - What are my chances of getting a percentile around Analyse the low ones for reasons. Was it difficulty of the paper or silly mistakes or low attempts that caused those scores.

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Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? Best wishes. If you identify the easier questions and do not get stuck anywhere you can expect a percentile several notches above your best ever AIMCAT percentile. The key is to stay calm, stay focussed. It would have been much btr if a moderate ppr keeping in mind the actual cat was given. Is there any credibility in this piece of news?

There is no news whatsoever of CAT being scheduled to be tougher than usual. Besides, its a competetive exam and its only your relative performance that is important.

So, breathe easy. Ensure that you have covered all topics in quant. You never know which topic the easy questions could be from. Write 2 mocks per day with intensive analysis to figure out loopholes in your preparation and tend to them while we still have time. Analysis is the key. Solve previous year papers of CAT. Go topicwise and areaswise. Feeling good is the key. Keep in touch with your faculty for any insider information or last minute tricks.

It helps. What do you suggest in these 20days, which i will boost my performance in cat? Thanks charlton : logical conclusion will usually be venn diagram based. For logical consistency, you will have "If", "When", "Whenever", "Unless" in the sentences. Your performance in the real exam will only be better than this, provided you do not panic and stay focused.

All the very best. Make a mental note to make sure you dont miss out on any easy question. Do not solve the paper in a single iteration. Go in rounds. Pick the easier ones first. I got eual percentiles in both sections.

The time pressure can force you to quickly attempt wrongly towards the end. Anywhere else is fine. Is there any possibility of some quota for maharashtra domicile students?

Send an email to charltondcosta time4education. Was it difficult or was I not able to understand it? One must leave it for last. But if you have time, you may certainly do the passage. You need to select the passage and the questions well. If so can I rely on the MC performance solely and judge my preparation?

How to read these scores and what efforts to be put in the nxt 25 days? It is a rank. Performance relative to other candidates who wrote the test. Regarding the next 25 days: 1. I have CAT on 20th. Please guide wht to do.. In the last few days, spend at least half the time every day on revising the topics.

This will help soothe your nerves as you are continually reminded of all the topics that you have covered and are good at. Also, Skimming the paper before starting can again help soothe your nerves. Otherwise, a few tough questions at the start of the paper could unsettle you.

Once you know what the entire paper contains, then the surprises are all over in the first 5 to 10 mins. Remaining time can be utilized more effectively. But I get the ideas while I solve it after the exam. What may be the reason? So, try that please. Just make sure that you make the best use of available time by revising concepts and going through Past CAT papers and Aimcats.

I am working hard and i am obc , sir should i fill for FMS charlton : Yes. Pls apply but FMS requires a higher cut off. Go through all exercise questions in the book. Number of 6 digit numbers comprising of only the digits 6 AND 8 divisible by 3. In the solution, they have considered the cases of and But in order to consider these, the question should have been numbers comprising of 6 OR 8. Dont let that one off day unsettle you too much. Which are the topics that you dont answer not enough confidence in those topics , those that u answer and get wrong misplaced confidence — not enough clarity, silly mistakes , answer correctly but take too much time less knowledge of shortcuts, option substitution , elimination methods not tried out , answer correctly and fast thorough knowledge — some practise every now and then is sufficient Many a times, we make the same mistake over and over again.

Also, just realizing that you are prone to make silly mistakes in some areas makes you careful when attempting such questions the next time. In the last few days, make sure you spend at least half the time every day on revision. If X happens then Y happens or if Y has not happened, then X will not happen.

Unless is different. Unless u study hard, u will fail Assuming other things are in order. Any issues will be addressed on a priority basis. My Section II is not as good as section I. I know I need to do more on RCs and fill in the blanks. Please suggest me how can I improve it within these days. Also, a lot of time I am confused that what should I prepare at this point of time.

Please solve previous year papers and at the same time write mocks to identify areas of improvement, close your strategy and revise concepts. As for the action plan for the next 20 days: 1. Id no. CAT Admit Card b. The name on your photo identification must match your name as entered in the CAT application. Photocopies of the original are not acceptable. Candidates will not be permitted to take the test if photo identification is not presented.

If you are a Differently Abled candidate and have requested for support during the test, please carry the copy of the authorisation of the support mailed to you by Prometric Important: Admit Card and one photo identification, mentioned above, are mandatory in order to test. Note: You will have to store all other personal items at the test centre at your own risk.

Please do not bring any other items to the test centre, as they are not permitted into the testing centre. How to improve? Do the basic handouts once again and for LR and DI, look at the sub-areas where you are strong and try to answer questions in those areas like calculation based DI, reasoning based DI, Puzzles, Venn Diagrams etc from past papers. Not able to cover all passages.

So could u help me regarding the RC tips?? My aimcat percentiles have varied between 93 and 99, mostly in the late 90s. But my recent mock cat scores have fluctuated.

Last few aimcats have seen dramatic fluctuations 92, Should be good. All the best. Get into the complicated questions only once you are in control. Focus on the paper. Solve it in iterations. Can you please explain with an example? I hope you understood "If X then Y" For Unless, if it appears difficult; change it to the if form as follows: eg. Unless u study hard, u will fail Q If you do not study hard, u will fail. U failed Ans. U studied hard.


[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1309 Discussion Thread (Please DON'T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

This proposal met with general applause, until an old mouse got up and said: Nobody would volunteer to bell the Cat. Soon she felt a rumble in her tummy. Nevertheless, the tag has stuck as an undeserved nickname for the fifth earl. A later exception was the Russian fabulist Ivan Krylovwhose adaptation of the story satirises croneyism.



Grotilar Target spending not more than 2 to 3 min maximum on any single q in aimcatt section. Moreover, you need to work on your ability to pick up the right kind of questions it comes with practice and proper analysis of AIMCATs. You try and do well in the test that you face and for that practice enough mock CATs. Again, varies from paper to paper. Sir I am unable to improve my speed in section 1 especially QA. No it is not. After paying the fees, I received a password and login for my homepage.

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