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Page 6 Secondary Interface Troubleshooting Page 7 l00 Vac Input Power Option Page 9 Manual Revisions Agilent Technologies instruments are identified by a digit serial number.

The format is described as follows: first two Page Calibration and Verification 2 Calibration and Verification Introduction This section provides test and calibration procedures. The operation-verification tests comprise a short procedure Page 11 Table Page 12 Table Perform These Procedures Board Desig. A1 Main Page 13 Table Page 14 Maintenance described herein is performed with power supplied to the instrument, and protective covers removed.

Such maintenance should be Page 15 g. Remove all external If it is A8R55 be adjusted within specifications. Page 20 i. Page 21 You may substitute: 3. The DVM reading Page 23 Figure Basic Test Setup d. Reduce the resistance of the load to draw an output current of: Page 24 e. Reduce the resistance of the load to draw an output current of: 5. Page 25 Figure Figure shows the interconnections of equipment Page 26 Figure Specified for CV operation only; load Page Figure Load Transient Recovery Waveform g.

Check that the amplitude of the transient pulse at 1 ms is Page 28 g. Page 29 d. Turn up output current to: Increase the load resistance Page 30 Figure Page Troubleshooting 3 Troubleshooting Maintenance described herein is performed with power supplied to the instrument, and protective covers removed. Such maintenance Page 32 Electrostatic Protection The following caution outlines important precautions which should be observed when working with static sensitive components in the Page 33 When replacing any heatsink-mounted components except thermostat, smear a thin coating of heatsink compound between the component and heatsink Page 34 When installing the A4 power mesh board, lower it vertically, placing its tab into the A1 board slot, align the Page 36 Figure Troubleshooting Isolation 38 Page 37 Figure Lay out the board Page 40 Figure Clock and Primary SA Waveforms 42 Page 41 Use the front panel controls to vary the output voltage and current from zero to full-scale output.

Remember to turn Page 42 Figure The easiest and most efficient Page 44 Return the J5 jumper to its normal position when the front panel signature analysis is complete. Secondary SA For secondary Page 45 Table Page 46 Table Page 47 Table Page 48 Table Page 49 Table NEVER use Page 51 An isolation transformer provides ac voltage that is not referenced to earth ground, thereby reducing the possibility of accidentally Use a voltmeter with both input terminals floating to Page 53 Table Page 54 Table Page 57 Figure Voltage regulator A2U11 regulates the voltage across resistor A2R99 to be 1.

That sets the Page 61 Setup. Page Principles of Operation 4 Principles of Operation Introduction This chapter contains block diagrams, simplified schematics, and related descriptions of the power supply Page 64 Figure Page 67 Figure Page 69 Figure Page 70 Input Circuits. Page 71 Control Board Figure is a block diagram of the control board. These circuits monitor the power supply operation and Page 73 Control Voltage Comparator. Page 74 Figure Table lists parts in alpha-numeric order Page 77 Ordering Information To order a replacement part, address order or inquiry to your local Agilent Technologies sales office.

Specify the Page 78 Table Replaceable Parts List Ref. Page 79 Table Replaceable Parts List continued Ref. Page 80 Table Page 81 Table Page 82 Table Page 83 Table Page 84 Table Page 85 Table Page 86 Table Page 87 Table Page 88 Table Page 89 Table Page 90 Table Page 91 Table Page 92 Table Page 93 Table Page 94 Table Page 95 Table


6030A – Agilent



Источники питания постоянного тока Agilent 6030A, 6031A, 6032A, 6033A, 6035A, 6038A


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