Brand name Acer Item Weight 5. Please help improve it by removing references to unreliable sourceswhere they are used inappropriately. Acer Aspire WLMI If you are running your computer on DC power with a battery installed, the adapter charges the battery if needed and maintains its charge. View Cart Proceed to checkout.

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I decided to order MB of Crucial memory and an Audigy 2 ZS, but more on that with the benchmarks section of this review. When I was deciding on a notebook I spent a lot of time researching which notebook to buy. I had always had a desktop built by myself and needed to be sure of getting something that was at least equally as useful.

I needed the ease of a laptop when going to university next year, but I needed to be able to release the urge to game every so often. I looked at many laptops frommanufacturers such asRock Pegasus Ti in particular , Alienware, Dell but decided the best bang per buck was going to come from Acer. The Acer was from laptopsdirect. You would be hard pressed to get these specifications for that sort of money anywhere else, so value for money as far as the specs is very good.

When I received the it was securely rapped and in pristine condition, in the bundle were power leads, recovery CDs, Microsoft works, Norton Antivirus, modem cable, quick start guides and warranty card. Everything needed to get started. The NTI software is surprisingly easy to use and quick to get ahold of.

I have not used cyberlink power producer gold. Acer Aspire WLMi view larger image Build,Design and Ports General construction is very good, the notebook feels sturdy, the panel just below the power switch moves a mm or two as does the DVD drive, but neither are in danger of coming loose, nor do they make a noise during use due to the movement.

The case is plastic andpainted in the common silver and black scheme. While not groundbreaking, it certainly makes the laptop look professional and is a clean design, certainly suitable for business environments. Asis common forAcer design, for whatever reason the laptop looks smaller than it is.

With a Thereis also a USB 2. A notebook backpackmakes carrying everything such as paper work, books, notes and your laptop easy and simple. If the screen is considered 9 equal rectangles, in the central area there are no more than 1 dead pixels in the centre Viewing angles either side are very good but vertical angles are quite poor, moving your head up and down produces differences in contrast and colour which is less noticeable at the centre. Watching aDVDsprovies afine viewing experience.

Sounds Laptop sound is usually never spectacular, the short time I had the Aspire I found the sound to be reasonable, but the Aspire laptop does not have the advantage of a subwoofer and so the soundis very tinny. It does however have plenty of volume. However, at higher volumes the high frequencies tend to get to your ears, a pair of headphones is highly recommended, if just for privacy. I wanted the Audigy 2 ZSbecause ofthe added game effects and higher quality sound output which is noticeable when connected to a 5.

The included microphonethat comes with the Audigy 2 ZS packageis not very sensitive but you could leave notes with it, I would get a separate one for games or speech recognition. The Bluetooth also works as it should. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard is very similar to that of the desktop but with the num pad cut off and replaced by holding the Fn key on certain keys.

The keyboard does have pg up and down, home and end along the right edge. The layout is easy to migrate to from a desktop and you will be touch typing in no time. The keys are responsive and light, though sometimes one will feel a little bit spongy. There is plenty of wrist room and the case will not creak or feel weak when typing.

The touchpad is responsive and accurate while the keys are a little tacky and noisy, you will get used to using tap to click. Performance and Benchmarks For results of benchmarks when this laptop is overclocked to 2. The 2GHz Pentium M has no troubles and once into windows becomes responsive almost immediately, the same is true for coming out of sleep or hibernation.

A note about the DVD, the updated firmware for itis a must, it halved the write time and made a much more readable disk for me so grab it straight away! Performance: I will use my old desktop computer benchmarksfor a performance comparison where possible Laptop Aspire : 2.


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