Dotaur Will you please believe me, and accept Jesus. Overwhelm with Mcphfrson grace, love and faithfulness to his children. See 2 questions about Message from God…. The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible. Account Options Sign in. Jul hod, Karen D.

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My dearest Mrs. I have not followed your ministry properly for the last 2. God always showed up and gave us miracle after miracle and saved his life even though hospitals and non-Christian doctors contended with me and Christ in me to give up hope.

But God continued to show up and he would be one or two days from death and God would call him to life. So I could kick out hospice and horrible evil non-Christian doctors who would actually scream at me and tried to force me to end his life, but God showed up and proved them wrong!

He sometimes worked in small ways teaching me to do things like you did with the sour gummi worms, and he sometimes worked in magnificent ways curing his kidneys completely after I anointed them with oil for six days, when they had told me this could never happen! In June of this year God took him to heaven, in perfect peace, no pain killers, etc. Jesus came to "heal the broken-hearted" so I am in prayer to God for this healing also I had not been in out home for 2.

You cannot believe all the of the times I had to just listen to the small still voice prompting me, leading me to do such things that the world would mock but actually worked!! Now I can "look you in the eye" or rather email you, knowing something you have been through in praying for Aldo and fighting for his life I watched many of them and they literally brought me higher, closer to our God.

I am a 68 year old widow. For a very long time, i had felt a deep deep spiritual uneasiness within me somewhere. I would pray and pray asking God to reveal what was hidden yet within me. Having been for quite a while a sceptic in some ways over the concept of ancestral sins, though at one time I had prayed a series of prayers for their removal, I did not want to believe in them.

Holy Spirit led me through a friend to the beginnings of truth. One day on the phone, she described places and events in my life that she had been too. She explained Masonic-luciferin bloodlines and curses.

I began thereafter for 2 weeks to feel upset and very very uneasy. Then, I was led to you Retah. While I listened to you, it was also, deep deep underneath almost like another spiritual dialogue was going on, reinforcing and somehow showing me things I feared greatly to face and the deepest darkest things I did not know of. Thanks be to our Lord and Saviour Yeshua!! I found the prayers on breaking the curse of Death and Sheol and breaking the Lewis Masonic curse.

As I began praying the Death and Sheol breaking curse, I felt something deep within me move and I saw. I wept and wept while praying it.

It took 2 days and I was freed. I prayed the Lewis prayer and again wept and felt a flood of such light and love pour over me. I am freed. God bless you and your ministry. Your love of Yeshua, willing tool of His healing grace and mercy, helped bring me into a much deeper more profound relationship with Him. Die vorige maand was my lewe so dol tussen werk en studies dat ek nie dadelik na die pienk cd kon luister nie.

Gistermiddag oppad huis toe, alleen in die kar, kon ek toe lekker luister. Dit het my so gebless. Selfs terwyl ek hierdie mail tik, is my gemoed so vol. Dit was heerlik om herhinner te word aan die sagtheid van Heilige Gees en deur net toe te laat dat Sy vrede en liefde na ander vloei. Dis hoe Hy bande breek. Ek waardeer die mooi sagte manier waarop jy die boodskap oordra.

Vol van Abba se liefde en genade. Nothing makes us more whole. But I want you to know that your ministry has also blessed my family and I so much. I thank you and love your love for our Saviour; I appreciate your hard work in putting these messages available on YouTube for us. I appreciate your Newsletters, I consider them poems of love.

I appreciate how you give us testimonies and glimpses of your life and how the LORD blesses you with your beautiful family. I appreciate how open you are to let us know how the LORD speaks to you and to give us those details that bless our hearts so much and helps us through in our own trials.

I pray for His perfect Love and His peace to surround you, your family, your home, ministry, all areas in your life.



I suppose the beginning will be the best place. In other words she professed to be a Christian but was no Christian at all. We do not know all the kinds of New Age teachings Retha was getting involved in before the accident, mostly she does not mention all of it, but one thing is for sure, she was sure into something occult orientated because what happened to her the night of the car accident did not come from the God the bible. Believers will stand before Jesus Christ. Our hearts are made manifest before God. Again this is not true and a misinterpretation of scripture. God speaks to Retha McPherson.


A Message from God



A Message From God


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