Obsolete Lenze drives can cause severe unplanned downtime in case of breakdown. Avoid unscheduled downtime In , Lenze announced that they will gradually phase-out of the , and SMD Lenze drives. The currently installed obsolete Lenze drives are still available in the market although their availability is rapidly decreasing whereas the price is increasing. Contiweb retrofits safeguard the future of your machines Obsolete core drives and infeed drives can cause severe unplanned downtime in case of breakdown. In order to avoid unscheduled disruptions and to safeguard the future of your machines, Contiweb has developed retrofits to new drives for your Contiweb equipment.

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General safety and application notes for Lenze controllers Electrical connection When working on live controllers, observe the applicable national regulations for the prevention of accidents e. VBG 4. The electrical installation must be carried out according to the appropriate regulations e. Additional information can be obtained from the documentation. The documentation contains information on the installation according to EMC shielding, earthing, arrangement of filters, and installation of the cables.

Also observe this information with regard to drive controllers labelled with CE marking. The manufacturer of the system or machine is responsible for the compliance of the limit values required in connection with EMC legislation. In order to observe the limit values for radio interference emissions effective at the installation site, you have to mount the drive controllers into housings e.

The housings have to enable an EMCcompliant structure. Particularly observe that, for instance, control cabinet doors preferably are metallically connected to the housing in a circumferential manner. Reduce openings or apertures through the housing to a minimum.

Lenze controllers can cause a DC current in the PE conductor. If a residual current device RCD is used for the protection in the case of direct or indirect contact on a threephase supplied controller, only one residual current device of type B is permissible on the current supply side of the controller. If the controller is supplied with one phase, also a residual current device RCD of type A may be used. Apart from the use of a residual current device RCD also other protective measures can be used, like for instance isolation from the environment by double or reinforced insulation or isolation from the supply system by a transformer.

If necessary, systems including controllers must be equipped with additional monitoring and protection devices according to the valid safety regulations e. The controllers can be adapted to your application. Please observe the corresponding information given in the documentation. After the controller has been disconnected from the supply voltage, all live components and power connections must not be touched immediately because capacitors can still be charged. Please observe the corresponding stickers on the controller.

All protection covers and doors must be shut during operation. The documentation contains special UL notes. Safety functions Special controller variants support safety functions e.

Strictly observe the notes on the safety functions given in the documentation on the respective variants. Maintenance and servicing The controllers do not require any maintenance if the prescribed operating conditions are observed.


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