Synopsis[ edit ] Rendered in a film noir style, the stories are set in late s United States. All of the characters are anthropomorphic animals whose species reflects their personality, character type and role in the story. Animal stereotypes are often used: for example, nearly all of the policemen are canids , such as German Shepherds , Bloodhounds , and foxes , while underworld characters are often reptiles or amphibians. Female characters are often much more human-looking than their male counterparts. The strip attempts to reflect a dirty, realist outlook and a dark cinematic style through fairly clean, realistic lines. Detailed watercolor drawings, including real-life places and cities, also contribute to the realistic feel of the series, despite the fact that characters are animals.

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Genre, as a classification, only makes sense through its connections to other texts in the same genre.

These connections then create a set of expectations for texts in any given genre. Each of these genres have their own set of expectations, which Canales and Guarnido intermingle, they play with these interpretive frames by both breaking and fulfilling these expectations. However, it breaks the expectations of this genre pretty much immediately by introducing a murder on the first page, which is a significantly heavier subject matter than what you would find in something like Donald Duck.

Like Maus, Blacksad uses the genre for the benefit of animal stereotypes. In Blacksad we see an untrustworthy and traitorous snake, a cold-blooded killer frog, and the loyal dogs of the police force see above panel. This use of stereotype actually gives the creators more room for storytelling, because there is less need for in-depth exposition in terms of character, no need to show personality traits when they are understood a first glance.

Where Blacksad breaks from the expectations set out by Maus, is in the art style. More importantly though, is the plot, which firmly places it in the Film Noir genre; the story follows a somewhat shady private detective who is trying to solve the murder of his former flame in the above panels you see Blacksad in a dive bar looking for information.

This narrative fulfills the expectations of the Film Noir genre and therefor makes meaning making easier for the reader. Indeed, despite breaking expectations of funny animal comics, the use of animals also aids in meaning making, as I mentioned above, it gives the reader instant access to the characters and their world.

In this way Canales and Guarnido truly blended architextual frames in order to create a unified whole. Nathanya Barnett.


Blacksad vol 1 – Somewhere Withing the Shadows

Share Somewhere Within the Shadows is the first installment of the Blacksad series. Summary Blacksad investigates the murder of the famous actress Natalia Willford, who he used to be involved with — first as a bodyguard, then in a more intimate relationship. Blacksad leaves the scene, clearly distressed at the turn of events. Later in his apartment, he painfully remembers his life with Natalia. He had been hired as a bodyguard for her after she received a threatening letter from an unknown source who claimed she will be killed by the said person soon.


Somewhere within the Shadows

Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows is the first issue in the Blacksad comic novel series. The common themes in Blacksad are Revenge and Justice which will be discussed. In Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows, Blacksad investigates the murder of a famous actress, Natalia Willford, who was also his former lover. Revenge is one of the themes in Blacksad, somewhere within the shadows.

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