A witness named Daria Bickell says that she was a student from the same school, name Clinton Cole at the crime scene. In the beginning of the story Clinton is suspected as the person who has commit the crime. He is faced with problems of others. He is questioned by both the police and his family, of where was he when Alex was attacked.

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The new releases on the subject are just a handful each year, but each book published is a new adventure. From the few I have read and the others I have browsed, none are the same, and they all offer something different.

The story is told through three different perspectives. From the point of view of the victim, Alex Crusan first, an HIV-positive teenager whose car has been shattered by a baseball bat while he was in the car. From the point of view of the witness, Daria a teenage girl with Down Syndrome who goes to the same school as Alex.

Told in three conflicting point of views, it shows how different "truth" can be. Alex Flinn got into the head of both Alex and Daria in a way that will stay with you. Not because you see how they are inside, but because you see, through their eyes, how they are seen by others. They are both "not like other kids" and are looked as such.

It changes from the black and white conceptions of "people who are against people with AIDS are evil" or "HIV positive people should be quarantined".

On the inside, it is another story entirely. Other than reading about him being bullied and really loving and caring about his younger sister, you read about someone who acts in sync with his ideas. But his attitude comes mainly from his ignorance of the virus. His fear of HIV is more important than his hate for Alex.

I thought it was an interesting point of view to observe. A minority might be violent or insulting, but the worse is the silent majority feigning not to notice, and not trying to include them. Daria and Alex both talk of how invisible they feel. The other major theme is family. Without going in too much details, I think that Alex Flinn had the tremendous talent to really go inside the head of those teenagers and show how they interact with their parents. If it was through a transfusion, it is a tragedy; if it was through drugs or sex it makes the person filthy and they nearly deserve their fate.

This story is absolutely beautiful and helps you get inside the head of someone who is HIV positive, as well as someone with Down Syndrome.

She really gets into the head of these three teenagers and brings us a fascinating story. In very simple words and powerful ideas, we get our own conceptions thrown back at us and we just realise how much more beautiful the world is with all its shades of grey.

I cannot recommend this book enough as it a fascinating YA novel for people wanting to know more about HIV, but also about major issues teenagers encounter such as bullying or the relationship they have with their families.

Alex was in his car when he was attacked by a guy with a baseball bat. The guy shattered his windshield as Alex hid under the steering wheel.

But the broken glass still cut alex as it was flying through the air. The only eye witness is a girl named Daria and she has Down Syndrome and believes the attacker was a guy named Clinton Cole. Clinton cole bullies Alex and wants him to leave the school because he has aids but says he did not break the windshield.

I thought this was a great book and a great awareness bullying. It would be a great read for just about anyone that likes a good thrill with a good meaning to it.


Fade to Black

For other uses, see Breathing Underwater disambiguation. It tells the story of year-old Nicholas Andreas, a wealthy Miami teen who is sent to anger management because his girlfriend, Caitlin, takes out a restraining order against him. Ordered by the judge to write about his relationship, Nick tells of falling in love with her, and the eventual time when his anger took over and he hit her. Flinn based the book in part on her experience as a lawyer working with domestic violence cases. The book is set in Miami and Key West, Florida. Diva, a sequel to Breathing Underwater was released in


Alex Flinn



Analysis of Fade To Black by Alex Flinn Essay




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