I hope this is helpful to someone! As a warning, this list does contain some spoilers as in, who you fight at specific intervals. Now, just a little info before we get started For instance, if two paths are identicle except for a single fight, you still need to do that single fight. Quick Disclaimer: I do not own any rights whatsoever to BlazBlue.

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Character Specific Power Of The Azure Ice Ice Ice Baby Positively Shocking Sharp Shooter Just How I A Spectacle Over ?! Fight For Survival Fangs For The Memories! Threat Level Squirrel Power! Get Off My Lawn! Domestic Battery Online Specific Feels Like The First Time Plays Well With Others Like A Boss Just Getting Used To It Finger On The Button Better Safe Than Sorry Mind On My Money Gallery Guru Level Contact Me Any breach of aforementioned guidelines is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. I recently found a new home on XboxAchievements. First and foremost, I must thank my good friend Scarlet Makoto for introducing me to the BlazBlue series last summer.

Seeing as you are now reading an Achievement Guide, I suppose you are closer to the latter I know I am. Though I am missing a few of them myself, I have researched thoroughly the ones I do not have either by looking about online OR by having others inform me of them. The total Gamerscore for these Achievements comes out to , as usual.

For you PS3 users, the 50 Trophies in your version are the same as the Achievements on the Xbox version. Since the start of I have become a near zealot for Achievements.

Painfully, around mid, my old account was locked from Gold privileges, thus rendering the gamertag useless for online play. The account is now more or less permanently frozen at Gamerscore, as I have abandoned it for my new gamertag. Due to varying circumstances and people giving me tips, I am now going to start accepting any and all donations that you readers are willing to give.

They can also be ways of rewarding the player for completing excessively difficult in-game feats, or even be so easy to complete that a newborn can pull them off. Q: Can you tell me how to beat Insert mode here?

A: Um Q: WTF with the cheap method involving a second controller and therefore a stationary second player?! Besides, maybe if people can pull it off against a stationary player then they could learn to use it in an actual battle, thereby having actually gained a skill by using the so-called "Cheap" methods. And in a bad mood. A: Not a question, but thank you very much, kind individual. At the end of each section is a solid and unbroken version of the break marker.

The Letters A-D represent the locations of the face buttons on your controller. X, Y, B, A on the Xbox There are many times throughout the guide where I will list the exact input for a combo by using the above as a guideline.

These simply help illustrate the flow of the combo, telling you which moves flow into the next. The tutorials are by no means hard, but the one that seems to present the most trouble is the "About Counters" tutorial that is contained within the Intermediate section. How to get it: Exactly as the description says.

Select Arcade mode and choose whichever character you fancy, then proceed to complete Arcade mode. You can do this on Beginner difficulty with the rounds set to one and still get this one. How to get it: The first really tricky one in our list.

In Arcade mode, you have the option of fighting an 11th battle after the usual This hidden boss will vary per each character For instance, if you play as Relius you will instead fight Unlimited Ragna. Sometimes I did exactly what was listed and got nada. Alright, now for the main problem here; Mu herself.

Your best bet is to either approach her very cautiously OR just lay into her endlessly. She seems to have the least defense against Ragna, so I would recommend using him if you even remotely know your way around his moves. If you have a second controller, connect it and leave it on stand-by near you. If Mu is about to destroy you, just hit start on the second controller. If you have ranged attacks, use them on him.

If you do get in close, hit him hard and retreat. This may seem like alot of info for just one character, but Tager always gives me the most trouble here. Valkenhayn, believe it or not, is also a pretty tough one to beat within this mode. Your best bet is to just lay into him first and learn how to escape most or all of his moves. Ironically, one of the best characters you can use for this IS Tager, since he hits so hard and has slightly more health than all the other characters.


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