Yozshukora Compression, color, brightness, acis, contrast, white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, backlight compensation, fine tuning of behavior at low light, rotation, mirroring of images Text axis m image overlay, Privacy mask. Find and compare Axis products, and match axis m with the right accessories. Firmware You need to be logged in Login or register a new accountto access this content. Integrity checksum Checksums are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it axis m been asis from a server to a client device.

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Page Video Use the mouse to move and resize the rectangle, or enter the number of pixels in the Width and Height fields and click Apply. Right-click in the image and select Pixel counter. Use the mouse to move and resize the rectangle. Page View Area White Balance White balance is used to make colors in the image appear the same regardless of the color temperature of the light source. The Axis product can be set to automatically identify the light source and compensate for its color.

Alternatively, select the type of light source from the drop-down list. Page Overlay To set up a dynamic mask, which will always mask the specified part of monitored area, see Privacy Mask on page To use an overlay image, the image must first be uploaded to the Axis product.

The uploaded image should be a Windows bit BMP image with maximum colors. The image will be scaled down to fit the resolution used by the Axis product. Click Save. To select the image to use as overlay: 1. You can add a new mask, re-size the mask with the mouse, choose a color for the mask, and give the mask a name. Page 22 Select Enable recording button to enable recording from the Live View page. This button is available when using the AMC viewer. For more information on view areas, see View Area on page The pause between successive guard tours must be set to at least 10 minutes.

Once motion detection windows are configured, the Axis product can be configured to perform actions when motion is detected. Possible actions include uploading images and start recording. For more information, see Setting Up an Action Rule on page Changing the orientation of the camera will also change the position of the Motion Detection Window.

For information about factory default, see Reset to Factory Default Settings. Page Events Events The Axis product can be configured to perform actions when different events occur, for example, start a recording when motion is detected. The set of conditions that defines how and when the action is triggered is called an Action Rule.

Guard Tour — Start a guard tour. See Guard Tour on page


AXIS M3204 Network Camera - network camera Series Specs



AXIS M3204 Network Camera



Axis M3204 User Manual


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